A Guide To Influence A Woman's Competitive Nature The Right Way

Since time immemorial, women have competed for the same men, especially two best friends for one man. From olden days to this day, although the ways to compete may have changed, the feeling of competition for the opposite sex among the same has never mellowed down.

This does two interesting things:

  • It arouses a powerful interest in the men being pursued with respect to competitive women
  • This spirited nature of a woman can be moulded slightly so as to minimise the parallel damages and generate a passionate partner in her for your future.

A Case of Greener Grass

It is always unclear to men why women always want what other women have. For a woman, the grass is always greener on the other the other woman's side. The green grass can be anything from clothes, jewellery, to even men.

It is often experienced by men that when they are with a sexy girl by their side, other women keep staring at them. The reason is quite simple. They are actually trying to figure out what is in her that they don't have? They too could dress up or carry themselves the same way so as to attract your attention.

How to Grab a Woman's Attention

  • Women prefer confident men, therefore, even if you wish to flirt with girls around you, do it with surety and confidence.
  • If you pull off the above step with an assured self confidence, women are guaranteed to flock around you.
  • When you talk to glamorous women, you qualify yourself in the eyes of the opposite sex as a potential catch. Therefore, do not fear and take a step forward.
  • The passing smile of a woman may be ignored in case you are already are busy with another. This arouses an increased interest in a woman for you.

Don't burn the grass

A woman who competes with her own sex for men could be inflicted by pangs of jealousy at times. It is therefore vital for you to understand what the rigorous passion stems from:

  • A of obsession that healthy competitive attitude such that she always wins her men from other women
  • Or
  • A type could harm you later

Once you have figured this out, you can be sure whether she is fit to be your partner in the near future. You would not want to mistake obsession for passion as there is a slight difference between the two. You do not want to harm yourself in the hope of impressing the woman you like.

The solution to this dodgy path is to strike a balance.

  • If you add too much fuel to the fire, it may burn you completely. However, encouraging your lady just enough to attract her towards you is the way to proceed.
  • Talk to women around you, so as to charm them and not to seem crafty.

By striking the right chords, you can mould a woman's competitive nature to your advantage.

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