Set The Mood Right Before Taking Your Girl To Bed

When it comes to having sex, men and women are completely different from each other. It hardly takes time for a man to be turned on. However, it is different for women. You may notice that they may be turned on specific days in a month. Some women are more aroused before they start their menstruation, while a few of them get aroused after their menstrual cycle.

During these specific days, you will see that your girl will respond more positively to your touch and flirting, as they are more aroused. This is the right time for you to play and get her aroused.

The reason why most women do not reach orgasm

Almost every male member reading this would agree that nothing is more irritating and frustrating than your girl not reaching the orgasm. It is also tiring, as you have done everything you could, to please and arouse her. However, what is more annoying is that you have no idea why she does not reach orgasm, as you are trying all the possible techniques.

Your hand, jaws and other parts of the body may get tired with continuous effort. The main reason for this is that, your girl is not aroused. Are you confused? Yes, most men face this problem as they feel that their partner has agreed to have sex. However, you may not realize that she has agreed because you have continuously been nagging her for sex.

However, she is not in the mood and hence no matter what you do, she is not able to reach orgasm. She has a mental block and the only thing on her mind is to satisfy you and get over this quickly. The whole idea of having fun in bed turns into a nightmare for both of you.

Set the mood right

It is really important that you set the mood right, before making love to your girl. There is no hard and fast rule, on how to arouse her. However, there are certain things that you can do to set the right mood. They are:

  • Take her for dinner and shower her with small gifts and compliments.
  • Cook dinner for her, put on some romantic songs, and slowly get in the mood.
  • Flirt with her throughout the day, sending her naughty messages and email, so that she looks forward to the evening.
  • Hide small love notes in her bag, inside the cupboard and on the mirror.
  • Light up the whole room with candles and flowers.
  • Darken the room, and watch her favorite romantic movie, softly touch her and kiss her.

When she is aroused and ready to have sex with you, make sure that you proceed softly and slowly. You should never rush, as this turns off most women.

While making love, make sure that you do not change the techniques or the position, while your girl is ready to reach a climax. This is a complete no. She is enjoying what you are doing, so continue with it.

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