How To Make A Girl Call You Back?

Every day, you may see many unknown faces. Among such strangers, you may have conversed with some and ignored many. However, getting a contact number of a girl or woman depends on the way you approach her. Women are usually not amused by a person, who has not created the best first impression.

The sudden and unplanned meeting sometimes may turn into good friendship and some may even not proceed further. When you have exchanged your number with a girl, you will definitely ask her out for a coffee or dinner date. However, there are chances that the girls do not respond positively and constantly ignore your calls.

How to make a girl Call you back

A girl not returning your call can be for various reasons. However, here are some tips to make a girl call you back,

  • Girls do not like it when a guy sounds desperate in his calls and just pressurize her to call back. It is better to be casual and patient in your phone conversations. If she says that she is busy with her work, then it is a polite way to cut the call and wait for her to call back.
  • Send her texts, once in a while. If she replies, then do not sound too desperate in the further messages. Just begin your conversation casually like you do when you meet a new friend.
  • When she extends a friendship hand, then it does not mean that she is ready to date you right away. You can call her not too many times a day, definitely not during her working hours and also not when she watches the TV shows.
  • When you get a call from her, just be calm and wait until the ring goes for at least a minute. If you pick up the call within 2 rings, then she might think that you were desperately waiting for her call.

What Not to Do to Get a Girl's Attention

  • When you get the contact number of a girl, don't sound too desperate by calling her many times. If she is not picking your calls, then you can leave a voice message saying your name and the place you met. This may remind her about you and make her call you back.
  • When a girl does not call you back, that doesn't mean that you should call her right away. Keeping distance with girls might help you and her, to give a thought before proceeding further with the relationship. However, if she does not call for a month or so, then you can leave behind a message reminding her about you.
  • Always make sure that you never cross the friendship line, while speaking to her. However, you can tease her in a friendly tone, whenever possible, but not in an offensive way.

How to be on the Game

  • Keep your options open. There are no such rules that you should pursue only one girl. You can meet and date many girls, unless you become serious with any one of them. Dating many girls keeps your mind off on one and you will get to enjoy the other options, in the meantime.

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