Dating Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Chances With Her

Often, most of the guys like you wait for quite long to get a girl in their lives. When they get one, they try their best not to lose her. Indeed, it's a bit difficult to find great girls, and when you find one, you can't afford to miss your chances with her. However, the problem is, this fact itself makes guys so concerned about the girl and their dating chances that they commit few common mistakes.

Revealing Your Intentions Too Early

It has already been long and lonely years waiting for a girl to come into your life. Now, as soon as you get one, you try to ‘fix' her with you as soon as possible. You don't want any more delays, or any other guy approaching the girl in the meantime. Hence, you express your love and your feelings to her, when it's been just a few days since you met her. Remember, it's too early.

As a matter of fact, it's usually not the case that a girl will say “Yes” to a guy, whom she doesn't know well. C'mon it's been just a few days. Do you actually know about each other well? Did she get the time to be even impressed by you, forget about the chemistry and the tuning between you both? No. Hence, it's always advisable to give yourselves sufficient time together, before you could actually pursue anything further.

Besides, a bit of mystery, magic, and chase, is what girls love. Hence, during your early stages of dating, these spices are needed. Hence, let things be quite casual, and give time to know each other well, during those early days. You needn't jump into proposing her that soon.

Seeking Her Approval Every time

Again, that's a common thing guys do when they are with a new girlfriend. Of course, the intentions are innocent and to be safe, as you fear that she might be hurt by something that you do. However, you didn't take it that way rather it's better to be yourself, to make your decisions, and to present yourself as a confident guy.

You Might Be Too Available For Her

New girlfriend comes and there come changes in your life. You try to enjoy it to the fullest, leading a completely different life as compared to what it was when she was not with you. Most significantly, you become too available for her. No matter, whatever time of the day she calls you, you are there to respond, talk with her, and hang out with her. That can be a great mistake.

Subconsciously, girls love challenges and a bit of a chase for her guy. Hence, to make it interesting and challenging for her, sometimes it's ok to tell her that you are busy and can't come. You might be thinking of it as a manipulative game. If that's the case, then get busy in your life. Remember, the days when she wasn't there in your life.

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