Tips To Ask Her Out For A Date On Phone Or Video

Asking a girl for a date could be a daunting task for guys, especially when they have no experience. Many guys avoid dating and relationships because they are afraid of being rejected or do not know what to say to the girl. In this article, you will find some cool tips to ask a girl out on video or text.

Things to consider before approaching a girl

Before making your first move, find if she really likes you. Many guys make the mistake of approaching a girl they like without considering her interests. You might get rejected this way. If the girl gives below mentioned signs, she might be showing interest in you if:

  • She smiles whenever you are around
  • Find excuses to touch you on arms, legs, face etc.
  • Find your jokes to be funny even if they are not
  • Try to be around you
  • Stares at you, but looks away if she is caught

How compliments could help you to steal her heart?

These tips will help you to find your girl. Now, you could win her heart by paying genuine compliments to her. In this way, you will be able to break the ice and melt her into your arms. You have to remember that lame or fake compliments will never work. Come up with something unusual and creative to impress her.

If she is good looking, she might hear those cheesy lines and cheap compliments from every one. You could compliment her intelligence or something good that she did or her passion such as women rights etc. Let her realize that you find her deeds to be cool.

How to make the conversation with the girl interesting and spicy?

Most of the guys make this mistake of talking about their jobs, hobbies, interests, friends etc. she might get bored if you keep talking about yourself. Rather, you could try to know her a little better. Try to know about her likes, dislikes, favorite songs, whether she likes a pet, places she loves to travel etc. This way she will feel that you are interested in her. Moreover, you could plan your first date considering her likes and dislikes.

Now, once you know her better, you could offer a genuine invitation for a movie or sightseeing. If she likes you and has developed a strong bond with you, she will never say no. spend time with her and make her realize that she is special part of your life. You could plan some surprise to impress her. Try to create a romantic atmosphere for your date. You could light some candles or play a soft music.

However, if she says no to your invitation, do not annoy and irritate her by asking over and over again. Rather, be a gentleman and except the rejection gracefully. What you could do is give her your contact details and ask her to ping you if things change in future.

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