Age Difference – Does It Affect Your Relationship

Cougar relations have become common these days. The reason behind the polarity of this concept is because women are able to handle every role of life comfortably. They easily get high profile jobs and earn more than men. The confident women are able to tackle any situation of life comfortably.

Although, cougar dating was there earlier it has become more popular in past few years. Large number of movies and websites has also supported such relations. Being in such relation, you have to deal various problems. If you are in a serious relationship, understanding the pros and cons could help you to fill the age difference between you and your partner.

Consider the benefits of being in such relations

There are a lot of benefits of dating older women or men. If everything goes on smoothly, you might reap loads of joy. Many people are able to adjust better with an older or younger partner rather than those close to their age. The younger partner gets a chance to learn from the experiences of older love. Older partner on the other hand becomes more youthful and active in life. Sometimes large age differences could make your relation spicy and interesting.

Cougar women are those, who have achieved success, and power. Men are easily attracted towards such ladies. Hence, young guys prefer being in the relation despite facing opposition from the society.

Young guys like to date cougar because such women usually are not looking for a long time serious relationship. Rather she prefers a no strings attached kind of relationship. Such ladies are self confident. Fear and insecurity faced by them make these women mentally strong. Young guys love dating such mature, independent and experienced ladies who do not play head games.

Take a look at the cons of being in cougar and cub relationship

Cougar and cub relations usually face disapproval from society and friends. Your friends may openly criticize you that you are in a relationship for money or sex. If you are the younger partner, your peers believe that your partner is taking undue advantage of your youthful naiveté. Moreover, they might think that your partner will dump you after a few years. These negative talks could build more differences in your relation.

Other disadvantages of being in such relations are-

  • If you are the younger one, you might outlive your partner from say 5- 10 years
  • Your partner might have crossed the child rearing years

It is completely an individual choice to be in such relationship. If you love and trust your partner, you will be able to sail the boat no matter what. If you are having a good and lovely time with your partner, age will not matter much. However, if you are concerned about the society and family, think twice before being in a relationship. You could find out cougar ladies or older men on popular dating websites. Browse the internet and register your name with those websites and you will definitely your life partner.

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