Tips On Being Safe While You Are On A Date

Being on a date is exciting and also challenging and you are thrilled with the idea of knowing and understanding the person. Moreover, you are also looking forward to spend a great time, but ignoring your safety while you do so is not at all a good idea. In case, you are dating someone for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you give due importance to your safety while you are out.

The thought of being safe does not mean that you completely put off the idea of dating. It is just that you remain more cautious and sensible when you are out with the new person. There are some simple points discussed below that can help you stay protected while you are on a date.

Inform where and with whom you are going:

It is necessary that you keep somebody informed about the person you are going out with and also the location. A friend of yours or a family member can be that someone. After all, they are equally concerned about your safety and also they can keep a clear watch on you or can call you at a particular time to check if you are alright and safe. Before planning a date, also try to know where the person lives or where he/she works.

Select a location which is suitable to you:

It is crucial to know the location properly where your partner is planning to take you. It is suggested that you select a place yourself. From all the available options it is safer to select some place which is a bit crowded. Somehow if you end up going to a place recommended by your partner and not you, it is preferable that you drink less or it is best to put off the idea of a drink. If you can try and arrange a date near your home or office it will be perfect because you know the area well and you will feel completely protected.

It is acceptable that some calm, quiet and dark place might seem more romantic and can give a feel of a perfect date, but on the first date it is not about romance, but about knowing each other and being comfortable and it is said that comfort comes with safety.

Further, if you find the place where you are on a date a little unsafe or are you feel suspicious, it is strongly recommended that you trust your instincts. Without any hesitation you must get up and let the person know that you are leaving.

Points to keep in mind:

  • While going on a date, try and arrange your own transport and do not ask your date to pick you. Always make sure that you carry enough cash that can get you back home.
  • Do not leave your cell phone behind, make sure you carry it.
  • If you are flying to another city to meet your date, make sure that you yourself arrange the car and hotel. Drive directly to the hotel and then call your date from there.

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