Know And Recognize Signs Of True Love


Love is surely a wonderful thing, and true love is even better. How do you think you can be sure that you are in love with someone? Well, as they show in famous movies or note it down in popular novels, the signs of true love are overemotional. For instance, you don't feel like eating, drinking or sleeping, you suddenly start noticing flowers everywhere, you like blowing curtains, fireworks, etc. If you are guessing all these are signs of falling in true love you are most certainly wrong. These can be accepted as signs of lust more than love.

Unavoidable signs of true love:

Below are some obvious signs of true love. If you feel something like this is going on with you then congrats you are finally and actually in love.

  • You just don't like to be accompanied by someone else or in simple words you will avoid going on a date with any other person. Well this is something really serious. What do you think is stopping you? Why don't you like hanging out with someone else? If these questions are also arising in your mind it means you are not only in love, but also want to keep yourself away from others, so that you can get close to the one you love.
  • You visit places, which you hate but your partner really likes it. Now, this is really simple to understand and it applies not only to places but to any other activity as well. Say for instance, you enjoy the worst movie of the year if you are accompanied by your partner.
  • You start doing unusual things. For instance, you will like to save money if you have been a spendthrift or you may like to spend if you are a frugal. You basically want to test how your partner is reacting looking at the change in you. How they are accepting it, is something important for you. You purposely do things, so that you want them to react.
  • You stop planning on how you want to spend your date with them. Instead, you just believe that spending time with them is all what you want. It is like with them you just “feel at home”. You do not need an activity to keep you occupied nor do you concentrate much on getting physical with them. Remember, if you are actually in love all you need is time with them, no matter how you spend it.
  • The best sign of being in love is that you will start being honest. You want your partner to love you for what you are. So, no more hypocrisy or duplicity.


You must determine whether your partner truly loves you or not by his or her actions and not words. Start recognizing the signs of true love and go further in your relationship with your partner. However, if there are simply no clues then maybe you need to give some time to your relationship.

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