How To Handle A New Romantic Relationship?

Why new relationships end prematurely?

A new relationship is always full of new things with which you want to get accustomed soon. A simple reason behind this is your expectations which are just too high in the beginning. Anyone in a new relationship is moving on with extreme speed. However, this speed is the reason why at times relationships end prematurely. For sure you are feeling happy about being with someone, but that does not mean you hastily drag your relationship to the next level.

There are some obvious dos and don'ts when it comes to handling a new relationship. It is crucial that you understand them and give them full consideration.


Be yourself: Usually when we start dating someone, we want to impress them as well as show how compatible we are with them. For this, we try and alter ourselves. However, this should be avoided or else your partner will never get a chance to know the real you.

Give the necessary importance to your partner: This does not mean you accept whatever they say, but it is crucial that you listen to them. At the beginning of any relationship it is vital that you give undivided attention to your partner.

Maintain your day to day routine: Try and learn to balance your everyday routine with your new relationship. Generally, it so happens that we give a lot of time to our partner in the beginning and gradually we start getting busy with our old routine and later it creates a problem.

Avoid guessing: When your partner says something to you try and accept it the way it is. Interpreting it further in a negative way will give you nothing and in fact will confuse you further.

Avoid spending an entire weekend together: Definitely you must be excited about spending as much time as possible with each other. Still, it is suggested that you resist spending entire weekends together and gradually increase the frequency of dating every week.


Do not get sexually intimate very soon: When it is the beginning of a relationship it is recommended that you spend some time with each other with an intention to know each other well. If you are having sex early in a relationship it means you are sharing the most intimate behavior with someone in no time.

Do not respond quickly: During first dates people react very sportily and say things, which they do not really mean. So, you better do not respond to any such acts.

Do not become too possessive: Still you have hardly known the other person and in case you behave possessively they might feel uncomfortable with you. Due to this discomfort they might think of walking out of the relationship and you hardly will have any right to hold them back.

Do not react out of your need: For a successful relationship it is important that you feel the need for each other. Nevertheless, it should not be out of your selfishness.

Do not discuss your past affairs: This does not mean that you are hiding about your past relations. You just need time to discuss things like this, and once you and your partner get more comfortable with each other you can talk over it.

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