How To Develop Fantastic And Lasting Friendships?

When we were kids, our closest friends were those who used to live nearby and they were of our same age. As we grew older we realize that a friend is just not a person, who lives close by, but they are the ones who shape and give a meaning to our lives. We gradually realize how important it is to have a good friend and especially in the times of stress we understand the real value of a friend. However, it is up to every individual how he wants to maintain his relationship and have friends.

How to develop closer relationships?

Well, all of us long for friendship and want at least one or two such friends with whom we can open our heart and talk whatever we wish to. Following points might help you develop such a friendship.

  • Be yourself: For developing a fantastic friendship, it is important to be honest. Copying someone or changing yourself into someone else will not help you. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Friends love you for what you are and not for what you can be.
  • Share your own lifestyle: God has made every individual unique and when you will live like the way you are people will notice that you are genuine. This will help them to develop faith in you and moreover, trust is very important for maintaining a good friendship.
  • Develop your listening skills: Friendship is definitely about having a good communication, but it is more about listening to what your friend is willing to say or share. Until you develop the listening skills and listen to a person patiently you will never be able to become a good friend.
  • Learn to forgive: You will be able to develop the relation of friendship only if you are lighthearted. A heart which is full of grudges will never have any place in any relationship.
  • Give generously to others: Once a person will realize that you are valuing relations more than materialistic things they will value you more.
  • Widen your sense of humor: Friendship is sharing each other's shortcomings and strengths. If you will remain very cautious about yourself and you don't have the courage to laugh at yourself you will never be able to win someone's heart.

Take your enemies as friends and maintain your relationship:

It is all about your own viewpoint. You need to understand that the critics, who are damning you, are actually telling you all that so they can bring a change, an improvement in you. So, ultimately they are your true friends. Understanding this fact is difficult, you will probably never like someone who lets you down, but because of them you are trying hard to rise up. Therefore, maintain your relationship with everyone.

Being an optimist is a guaranteed way to make friends:

Stay positive in whatever you do. Everyone likes to be around a person who is a true optimist. He is the one, who can boost someone's confidence and he is the one who can brighten up your day as well.

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