How Is Flirting The Best Technique To Show Someone You're Interested?

At some point in life, most of us are attracted to someone or the other. This is a common phenomenon that everyone experiences. You can follow varied techniques to show your interest. However, the best amongst them is giving risk-free signals. Whether you are attracted towards a stranger, a co-worker or a friend, you can still give them a hint of what's going on in your mind. Suppressing your feelings will lead you nowhere. On the other hand, a little flirting may help you start a conversation and finally go ahead to have a date.

Letting someone know that you are interested:

This is very important that before initiating any conversation you give an indication to the other person to let them know that you are interested. Well, you need not give definite signs, but some small hints can just make the picture clear.

Whether you spotted a stranger on a metro or you want to grab the attention of your co-worker the most simple and easy way to start is by giving an eyebrow flash. With this you will at least grab their attention and they will follow you and try to figure out what's on your mind.

The second thing that can be done is staring someone for a while say 4 – 5 seconds. Look someone in their eyes for 4 seconds and then turn around and then look again. This is the most useful sign. This action clearly indicates that you want to talk or at least you are interested and noticing them.

The third thing that you can do is to smile. This again is something which will make the entire scene clear. The person will get a hint that you are about to approach them for a talk. Smiling otherwise also makes the person think that you are a cheerful and an easy going person. You can also directly make your move by giving a little smile in case you feel that gazing someone for 4 seconds is a bit uncomfortable.

Initiating a conversation:

Well, now after all that gazing and smiling, you finally have to start a conversation to confirm that you are interested. Try and think what both of you have in common and start a conversation about it. For instance, if you are in a party, then grab the same drink that he or she is having and you can start a conversation about it. Once you have started talking make sure you don't sound funny or desperate. Try to be as involved as possible and listen to him/her. Do not forget to exchange the contact details. This might sound a little too fast, but that's the whole point of talking.

Let them know you would like to meet them again:

Once you take the contact details, the next thing to do is politely let them know that you are interested in meeting them again. If their response is positive, you can plan a casual meet somewhere, say a coffee shop.

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