Guidelines To Buy An Engagement Ring Within A Budget

When the time comes, you really want a perfect ring ready in your hand to slip it on her finger. Many men take the engagement ring quite seriously and they consider it as the only thing, which will present their love for their partner. However, it is not true and also it is not something for which you need to break the bank. All of us live on a set budget, and buying a perfect ring is not a reason to break your budget. If you take time and give it a thought, you will definitely understand that a discounted engagement ring is also a perfect gift for that special occasion of your life.

Why give importance to your budget?

It is obvious and all of us know it well that an engagement ring, which you purchase is not an investment. This is going to be a pure gift which you will never expect to sell even if you are in middle of some financial crises. Though the value of the metal as well as the stone might increase, you will never be able to enjoy the benefit of its appreciation. Therefore, having a set budget in mind and working according to it is very much recommended.

How to save?

There are three things on which you can compromise when you are out to purchase a diamond ring and they are carat, color and clarity. If you purchase a diamond of 0.90 carats instead of 1 carat, it will help you save hundreds, in fact thousands of dollars. When you do this, the only person who can make out the difference is a jeweler. In the same way, a one-grade low color or clarity can potentially save thousands, and even here the admirer will not be able to make a difference.

What to keep in mind before making the purchase?

Just like any other thing, before buying an engagement ring you must undertake the necessary research. You must know the 4 C's which are carat, cut, clarity and color very well. With the right knowledge of these 4 C's you will be able to buy the most befitting ring for yourself, and also you will be saved from any malpractice that can be done against you by the jeweler.

Once you are clear about the aspects of the diamond you are planning to purchase, you need to visit a few jewelers and try to purchase the diamond you are seeking at the best value. This is definitely a difficult task, but surely not impossible. You can do this through comparison shopping and end up saving lots of money for yourself.

While selecting a diamond, be careful and give importance to its cut. A cut is something that makes a diamond sparkle well. A poor cut will lower its shine and thus the amount you spent on it will go useless.

Amongst all the expenses, purchasing an engagement ring is a major expense. By setting a budget, doing a little research and by comparison shopping you will definitely end up getting a ring, which you would love to gift her and also you need not break the bank.

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