Guidelines On How To Ask For A First Date And Secure A Yes

Dating is always a refreshing excitement, where you can enjoy the company of someone special. That is not all, you get an opportunity to impress and get close to her. Asking someone on a date is not as easy as it sounds like. You are unsure of many a things, as you don't want to hear a No to your proposal.

Well, whatever your situation is, asking for a date is always nerve racking. You just feel tenser thinking over the thought of getting a negative answer to your proposal. Guys, the world doesn't come to an end, if someone rejects you. Many a times, men are so fearful of turned off that they mess things out.

Consider the following points if you want to a Yes from your Partner:

  • Be definite: Asking your partner for a date is an art, so put across your thought in a precise manner. Communicate in a convincing manner, so your date doesn't deny your proposal.
  • Give options: Ensure your date is well organized, as she will certainly love it. Instead of deciding things, you can give her the options to choose the venue, date, time, and other things. By doing this, you can easily impress and comfort her as well.
  • Do not ask for Friday or Saturday nights: People usually have plans for Friday and Saturday nights. So don't ask for those nights as you might end up getting an obvious No. You can instead pick up days like Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Ask for a date well in advance: This will give you enough time for planning a perfect date. Your venue, clothes, and others will be perfect if you are planning on them since long.
  • Ask for a date on a day you are happy: If you asking someone for a date the 1st time, then it is necessary to take care of many a things. Unlike others, don't start any conversation as she might not like it at all.
  • Keep it simple: Asking someone out is not like giving a test paper, so you need not to panic. Keep your words and actions simple and ensure to comfort her. Just keep the entire scene as subtle as possible.

What if you do not have the courage to talk face to face?

Well, today there are many means of communication and all of them are beneficial. You can talk over the phone, shoot a text message, send an email, or send a traditional note with flowers, etc. Whatever you do and whichever medium you select, make sure your message reaches your date very appropriately.

Some more handy tips to keep in mind:

  • You definitely will be nervous don't let that overrule the feeling of togetherness. Instead talk up a topic which will comfort both of you and will also let you know about each other.
  • Dress appropriately, a little over dress might work than being underdressed.
  • Don't forget you are meeting someone beautiful, with an intention of knowing her. So talk things that will lighten the situation.
  • Learn some romantic lines and also go through some flirting tips, it definitely helps.

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