5 Tips For Having A Good First Date

The excitement that is felt just before going on a first date is quite unique. All of us have lots of thoughts running in mind and from the bottom of our heart we are hoping that everything just goes perfect. However, first date may not at all be a relaxing or peaceful experience, as we are planning over it and do not want to make any mistakes at all.

How to have a perfect first date?

There is no magic formula designed for having a perfect date, but by following some basic rules you can definitely have a great time. A person is usually nervous before their first date. So, it is wise to take a little advice and then make the necessary move. Mentioned below are a few simple tips, which can prove to be of great help if taken into consideration properly.


  • Be honest: It is strongly recommended that you just be yourself on your first date. Usually, we all intend to impress our partner when we are on a date. Sometimes, we make a fool of ourselves by speaking out something that we are not supposed to. Well, this makes the entire situation a little awkward. Thus, if you really want to have a good time as well as want to leave a right impression just be yourself and don't plan too much.

  • Pick a suitable activity: Try to engage yourself and your partner in some activity of your interest. This will give the person an opportunity to know you well, of course make sure that whatever activity you select gets over within 2 – 3 hours or else you will have no time left to talk with each other.
  • Choose an appropriate location: In general, people plan to go to a movie on a first date, but well in that case you simply don't get an opportunity to talk. This means you actually did not get a chance to know each other. So, it is important that you select a location where you will be able to communicate smoothly.
  • Avoid wearing new clothes: This might sound a little funny, but seriously avoid wearing new clothes. You must have definitely felt this many times that new clothes are not that comfortable. Due to this, you will stay uncomfortable and will not be able to focus or react freely.
  • Do not sound desperate to have sex: Well, it is your first date and it will work out well if you take it smoothly. Don't make such moves which give any wrong ideas to the person, until you are not intending to do so.

How to stay safe on a first date?

Well, it is your first date and probably you are going out with a stranger. It is recommended that you be safe and take simple precaution steps. Make sure that you have informed at least 1 person that with whom and where are you going. You can carry your mobile and ask a friend to call you once or twice just to check if you are fine. You can also insist and go for a date at a nearby place, a restaurant or café which is close to your home or workplace.

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