Surviving The Most Embarrassing Moments On A Date

Not all dates have a happy ending. Some do experience embarrassing moments while on a date with their partners for the first time. It happens to the best of the best, which is why you need to be ready to balance that awkward moment with grace. You can learn the trick of the trade easily and master it to perfection, in order to make your date the most memorable. These embarrassing moments on a date are termed as ‘dating disaster'.

Disasters and way out

Disasters can strike you when you are not ready for it. They come and surface in numerous ways to embarrass you and your partner. You just need to be prepared to face the situation in a clever manner. Live up the moment, laugh it off, apologize for it and lighten up the environment.

On a date, people from all circles of life, generally get embarrassed by their some or the other habits, be it a man or woman. For example, you forgot to carry your wallet. What will you do in such a situation? The first thing that you need to do is do not panic. Try to speak to the manager of the hotel if you're a regular visitor, he'll understand. You could also ask your date to lend you the bill amount, promising her to return it while dropping her home. She'll surely understand and agree to pay for you.

What, if you happen to expel intestinal gases while in a driving in a car? It is humanly impossible to control it, thus just apologize with a smile and open the window.

What if you start to sweat profusely? There are people who have a tendency to sweat abnormally when nervous or very emotional. To avoid such a situation, you can use antiperspirants, which have tetra – chlorohydrex or aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex. Make it a point that you use it everyday, especially before meeting your ladylove. Deodorants and perfumes are also good alternatives.

Just Relax

This one is a bit tricky, but easy to handle, what happens if your zipper of pants or back of your trouser gives up, skirt or bra snaps and splits wide open? Not to worry, just relax and take long breath. You take a safety pin from the waiter or else tie your, sweater, jacket around your waist. You can always buy it if it's available in the vicinity. Most of the restaurants manage to get help as soon as possible in this situation.

What would you do if you run into fuming ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend? Always relax and try not to be provocative. Try to deal with the situation calmly. Tell your ex that it is not the place and time to discuss whatever happened between you two. If he or she likes to sort it out, ask them to see you on some other time.

Take it slowly – One step at a time

The most important thing is to keep this in mind that, it's only the first date with your lady. You do not have to pounce on her to get a kiss or hug before dropping her home. Let her take the first step. You could ask her if you could give her a goodbye hug or a kiss on her beautiful soft cheeks. There is nothing wrong in asking rather than taking her all by surprise, which she might not appreciate.

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