Dilemma Of Handling Rejection From An Online Date

The Internet is the best place to find a date, which is quite common these days. Rejection and acceptance is also a part of online dating concept. Personal experiences of many online users on rejection are always not polite and thoughtful. When it comes to rejection (you reject or get rejected), you need to pinch it with sympathy. However, this is not the case always, as there are individuals who deserve outright heavy handed treatment.

Rejection stings, but it need not be hurtful. Being rejected generates hate, anger, doubts and often instigates a process of revenge. How you deal with the rejection that counts the most. Internet has some standard set of rules and regulations laid by all online dating sites. However they may vary from link to another, although most of them are the same.

Doing it prudently

When in a conversation or exchanging e-mails with an online date, always keep a close check on his or her commitments, credibility, maturity and words used. If you feel that the person means every single word uttered, then it should be ok with your. If somebody is persistently emailing and you're not comfortable with it. Then you must express your unwillingness in a polite manner. This will tell him to stop bothering you. However in case if he or she does not stop, then you could block this persons' id, meaning no more irritating mails.

When you're chatting with somebody on IM (instant massaging), and you figure out that the person is not the right match for you, you could politely explain it to him or her and apologize. Also, wish them luck to get to get the best suitable partner in the near future. In spite of this, if the other person continues to chat, then you could either ignore or block the id. Always remember, that you do not engage in any kind of argument or clarification, as it might get dirty.

Shock Value

If your date starts behaving rudely, passing insulting remarks, sending pornographic materials, then you need to take proper step in getting rid of the trouble. You cannot also start abusing the person for behaving in an unaccepted manner. This could lead to emotional turmoil and frustration between you two. Don't explode or get mad, just log off for some time. Whenever his IM's pop-up, do the same and make sure you do it every time.

You can sue him or her with legalities, but it is a judicial process, which involves lot of intricacies and is time consuming. You'll be dragged to court for which you may not be ready and this could spoil your reputation in the society. It is best to avoid the court hassles, because it is unnecessary waste of time.

Instead ignore him and file a complaint with the authority of your dating site giving his profile id. Online authorities would make sure his profile is banned after thorough investigation. Online dating services maintain their standards and respect their existing customers. They'll do anything to sort your troubles and retain you as their valuable member.

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