Apprehensions While Answering Sex Related Questions On Your Dating Profile

While creating your dating profile, you might have to answer questions or give your opinions on sex related matters. You might be asked to give your opinion on questions like if you prefer sex to sports, is sex your favorite outdoor or indoor activity, and lots more. Well, you need not have to substantially debate or write on this. They usually come as multiple choice Q & A formats, where you just need to check on the boxes of preferred choices. These are general questions, and you can either remain neutral or provocative depending on your opinions and mindsets.

Under the scanner

Sex is a word widely searched for on the internet. Most of the questionnaire comes from online dating companies or other related services. You must have an honest and sexually provocative one to answer the questions. They are often used for web search engines and have their own ramification. Let us take an example here, which you might find on most of the dating sites:

Question: “What is your preferred indoor activity?”

Set of Answers available: ‘shopping', ‘sitting by the ocean', ‘table tennis', ‘bowling', ‘watching TV', ‘reading', ‘sex'.

All you'll need to do is tick the answer of your choice and give a brief explanation about why you prefer to do so. A lengthy answer would ideally mean that they will not consider your view at all. If you choose sex as your option, then you might start getting lewd invites, vulgar emails suggesting one night stand and others.

Women generally fall into trouble when they choose this option and disclose what best they like to do when indoors. Some of the existing members of online dating services prefer to hide some of the information on their profile from public view, till they become friendly. This helps them to avoid unwanted attention from the desperate sex seekers online.

Mixed Signals

Just be careful not to answer sexual Q &A, even if your answer doesn't reflect any sorts of provocation. What you say online doesn't always seemingly interpret in the same context by the person looking for easy dates.

In short, as long as you do not knowingly or unknowingly invite such daters to your profile, you are pretty much safe. Besides, there is nothing much they can do to you, unless you meet them in person. In case you happen to fall into this trap, always ensure that you call a friend or family member to get you out of such a meeting. Always keep your close friends and family members informed about your whereabouts.

Interpretation and implications

It doesn't matter whether displaying sexual information on your profile puts you at risk or not, but the important part is whom you are dating and how he interprets it. Most of the time, anything related to sex is usually misunderstood by men. The start thinking that you are ok with one night stand and sexual flings with anybody whom you meet. This means, you research a little about the person and communicate often to know them better. Without knowing your date, never agree to meet him or her at any cost.

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