Dating – How To Cope With Lack Of Sexual Desire In Women

There are many women who go through low sex drive. Low libido condition is quite common in women when compared to men. According to medical fraternity, this problem in women is called as female sexual arousal disorder or (FSAD).

A woman's sexual desire fluctuates naturally over a period of time. Ups and downs generally coincide with the conditions such as menopause and illnesses, pregnancy and also during unhealthy relationship with their spouses. A woman's urge for sex is mainly based on many complex interactions like intimacy, emotions, physical comfort, and current relationships. If they are undergoing these phases, then ladies are prone to lose their sexual urges.


Other area of concern is post pregnancy health issues like undergoing surgical procedure to remove uterus. Lack of sexual desires doesn't necessarily mean no to sex. The problem is of great concern for a person who is longing for sex and the partner shows low or negligible desire for it. This can happen either ways, but it is frequent in women and very rare in men.


Fortunately, this is just a temporary phase and relative cure is available depending on the nature of cause. Lack of sexual desire is either psychological or physical. For example, during menopause, a woman loses lot of iron and this leads to numerous complications right from anemia, mood swings and significant decline in the production of sexual hormones. This is the time when you being her partner need to make some adjustments. Using a good lubricant can enhance sexual pleasures and often lead to satisfactory life.


Women suffering from depression usually lose her desire for lovemaking. Timely counseling from a reputed psychiatrist or practitioner and following the right dosage of medicine will help getting over depression, resulting in active appetite for intercourse. Women are bound to get depressed if they have undergone any surgery such as removal of uterus, ovaries, hysterectomy and caesarian. At this point of time, what they need is your emotional support to overcome the condition.

Comfort zone

Any medical problem can lead to confusion, nervousness and most importantly loss of iron in women. This tends to aggravate low libido and ruins your healthy relationship. Relative surgical issues can be handled with proper counseling. However, one needs to take the initiative to talk about it to the specialists.

New mothers often have excuses like they need pay attention to the child, meet the demands of the family members and also plan their office work. All excuses will only the intimate relation that you share with your partner. Therefore, it would be good to take some time out to enjoy some private moments with your loved one, which will keep you both closer. Once your children start growing up, it is your private life that will take the beating, thus enjoy while you can.

There is no harm in being romantic even while you are with your children. Ensure that you use come coded language to express your feelings and build the mood before hitting the sack. This way, you could excite your woman and convey a message stating what you are heading to before going to sleep.

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