Dating – Dilemma Of Relationship Falling Apart

Relationship is give and take mutual respect, be it happiness and joy, sorrow or pain. It cannot be one way. When there is more sorrow than joy in a relationship, it's time to take a note what's not working in your favor. You'll also need to figure out how can the matter be resolved?

Living together for a long, where you are too busy with your everyday schedule, you oversee some of the little issues cropping up in the family, especially between the a couple. The outbreak of such differences can sometimes blow up the entire family and ruin lives. Resolving issues in the most subtle manner is the wisest thing to do. Try to find out what has changed between the two of you? Do you think that your partner is cheating on you? You need to introspect and evaluate what you could be done to get rid of the turbulence and avoid the separation.

You are grownups, and you can evaluate the consequences of breakup. Getting divorced has its share of irreparable trust, collateral damage and nastiness. If nothing is working out in a relationship, then it is destined for a divorce. One needs bare all the financial damages and emotional pain, not alone but along with the other involved.

Evade culpability

Once this thought comes to your mind, the first that people do is blame the other person for all the problems. This is like a trap, either he blames you or you blame him. You need to stay clear no matter whose mistake it is. This will save you both of the pain and embarrassment in the society. The approach should be collective. Separation should be collective failure rather than anyone of you botched up.

Reasoning don't help

If your relationship fails, you don't need to reason as to “why” and “how” it all happened. It doesn't matter much now because you're about to walk out of it anyways. It's always to live better in life with no regrets from the past, as this helps you start a new life. Even the closest of the couples could decide to separate, thus there is not need to break your head and try to figure things beyond your reach. Nothing is permanent in life, the main objective is to look forward and leave the past behind. If you are obsessed with the past, then it will certainly bring pain and tears.

Post split

Post breakup is always a tough part to handle, because you have just come out of terrible relationship and now need to start from a scratch. In the beginning, things might look and sound weird to you, but eventually, you'll learn to get back yourself and do things your way.

Always remember every break is window of opportunity to move forward, one day you might even thank God for whatever has happened. It is always better to live your life on your terms than compromise everything, just to keep the relationship alive.

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