You Must Frequently Arouse Her Sexually For An Enjoyable Sex Life

There are so many things that you could do with your fingers. The most exciting thing that you would always enjoy doing with your fingers is exploring her vagina. G-spot is quite a sensitive part of a woman's body, and she wants her man to discover it and enter deep into it.

Make the right moves

You might have heard a lot about the “come hither movement”, but did you know that it is plays a key role in arousing her sexual fantasy. In practical life, many might like you for showing the hither movement with fingers, but your partner in bed will certainly want you to do that.

This movement or gesture has to do much with exploring the g-spot of your partner. The deep you get into her private part, better will be the sexual experience. Every man wants to make their partner crazy and sexually excited, and this is possible by exploring her g-spot.

Explore her g-spot

Her g-spot is slightly different than the other tissues, and you can find the difference by inserting your finger deep into it. You can play around with it, until she is completely aroused. Some men usually face a challenge in finding this spot. It is because, the spot is located deep inside and it is quite sensitive when touched.

Besides this, you can never find the spot if your girl isn't in the game at all. Men certainly know how to get her involved in the act, and arouse her sexually don't you? Slowly and steadily explore her body, before going down there on the sensitive part.

Her g-spot gets engorged with blood flow, when aroused. Some experts view g-spot to be the tail of clitoris, and you can locate it quite easily by exciting her.

Excite her sexually

A woman always wants her man to be sexually excited in bed and try new things. Usual procedure of making love will always kill the sexual excitement, and no one would want that to happen. You can twist your fingers, and make a round movement inside her vagina. Start slowly, and increase the speed after checking her reaction.

You can use one, two, or three fingers to excite her. At first, stimulate her external vaginal portal, which also includes her clitoris. When you do this, you excite and arouse her. You can insert your forefinger as soon as becomes wet. While doing so, ensure that you don't do it fast, as friction can hurt her.

Increase the fun

In order to increase the fun, you can insert your finger deep into her vagina. If required you can use your middle finger, and try exploring every corner. Try this for few minutes, and slowly increase the speed.

Once she is completely aroused, you can use your tongue to excite her. Make some sensational movements, as it will make her moan in ecstasy. She might certainly stop you, and in this case you can take the act slowly and ensure that she enjoys it.

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