Stimulate Her Sexual Excitement By Playing With Her Clitoris

If you think exciting women in bed is tough, then you are right. Women are quite particular about their sexual needs and want you to do things that will sexually excite them. If you don't know how to do it, then you will not be able to amuse her. One of the most sexually sensitive parts of a woman's body is her clitoris.

Play with her sensitive organ with care

You can play around with it and make her go mad in excitement. Clitoris in bigger size excites men, as they don't have to spend time in searching for the way in. This part is located deep into her vagina and gives her mind-blowing excitement, when played with it properly.

When this sensitive part is stimulated, her brain is activated. Women can be easily stimulated and by doing it in the right manner you can give her the ultimate pleasure. However, it is suggested to be very careful, while playing with this part. If you are too harsh then it can cause her immense pain.

Size of the clitoris

This sensitive organ is not easily visible to men, as it is small in size. Many a times, people assume the outer side of the clit to be the main organ and play with it. The actual fun lies on the inner side, which will provide her unforgettable sexual experience. On the other side, you would be able to see two inner smaller lips, which are also called as ‘labia.'

On the upward side, you could see the opening, which is quite similar to the shape of human lips. Clitoris is located on the top, where both the lips converge. This area is quite sensitive and you need to be smooth while playing with it.

Enter deep into the part

You can enter deep into it, by opening the veil, which protects it. If you don't intend to hurt her then it is suggested to begin the game slow and make your way into it steadily. When a women is sexually aroused then these knobs becomes more difficult to be seen clearly. There is nothing to worry in such a case, as it is an indication that she is enjoying the game and nearing orgasm.

Every woman enjoys orgasm and this is possible by stimulating her clits. In fact, many women can be sexually satisfied by stimulating her clits. You can play with this organ for endless hours and apply different types of lubricants to excite her.

Don't commit any mistakes

Many men commit the mistake of attempting to explore this area, as soon as the act starts. This might work for you always. Your partner might also want you to play with other organs that stimulate her equally. You can make your sexual moves slowly and steadily. By rushing into the final act, you might just ruin the fun that waits for you, ahead.

Not always will you be able to satisfy her sexually through indirect stimulation. It is because she would not be completely satisfied with the moves that you make in this process.

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