Pamper Her Body And Clits To Make Sex More Memorable

As compared to women, men are more obsessed with sex. This makes them an active player and they do everything that will possibly satisfy their partners. Men usually suppress their sexual excitement, by relating the desires to the size of the penis.

No, we don't say that it is wrong to think in that manner, but something else is more important than that. Men can add mind-blowing fun to the game of sex by understanding what their partners enjoy the most.

Know your partner

The most exciting and sensitive part of the body that can trigger sexual excitement in women is her clits. She would want you to explore every corner of the area and if possible for longer time. You can use your fingers or tongue to excite her sexual desires.

Before you do so, ensure that your partner is willing to allow you to go down there. Don't ever commit the mistake of forcing yourself on her, as this will instantly kill all the excitement and fun that you were supposed to enjoy with her. Besides this, don't be too harsh with her sensitive part, as you might hurt her.

Pamper her body parts

Her breast and vagina are the most sensitive areas, which you might want to play around with. You can slowly and steadily play with her parts and increase the sexual pressure in her. Her vagina consists of different parts like outer and inner labia, clitoris, and G-spot.

Clits is a small part that is located at the opening of the vagina, and it is quite sensitive from the sexual point of view. You can easily excite her and satisfy her sexual desires. You can start the game slowly and give her more time to enjoy the fun of the game. Your partner might not like you attacking directly on the sensitive part.

Excite her

You can easily stimulate her sexual desires by playing with the clitoris, which can be done orally and through penetration. The more you spend your time down there, better she will be able to enjoy the act. This is one of the best ways to make her ask for more sexual satisfaction. You can improve your sexual skills by doing such simple but satisfactory actions.

Many men commit the mistake of entering into this area directly, without playing with other sensitive areas. In fact, you can spend quality time playing with her breasts and other sensitive areas. She will enjoy your sexual flirting act, which will trigger her excitement. Don't use any harsh words while being with her on bed.

Women are sensitive and many don't prefer listening to harsh words, when she intends to enjoy the play with you. She will like you admiring her clits, so you can take time to pamper her clits and play with it. You can stimulate her clits with your fingers, tongue, or mouth.

Feel her skin and stimulate her desires steadily. She will surely feel good about the same and would want you to excite her.

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