Know To Play With Her Clits And Make Her Sexual Experience Unforgettable

The best way to sexually satisfy your partner's sexual need is by playing with her clitoris. This small organ can rock her world, and relax her mind. Clit is small in size and can satisfy her better than the G-spot stimulation. The fact is that some women can be sexually satisfied by stimulating this sensitive part.

Know her needs

In fact, there are many things that you could do to satisfy her sexual needs, and without putting in much efforts. You can stroke the sensitive part and increase the pressure as per her sexual needs. It is possible to help women get orgasm during stroking the shaft, though you would need to have knowledge about the same.

Her vagina is sensitive, but not as much sensitive as her clit. The vaginal canal is smaller in size and it looks like disc-shape. At the time of the intercourse, her vagina doesn't feel the pressure of your penis, which is usually assumed to be the case.

Clits stimulate her brains

In fact, her clitoral network stimulates the nervous system, which excites her sexually. Her A-spot controls the lubrication and charges her sexual excitement. Women can get orgasm when their clitoris receives stimulation, either directly or indirectly. Clits are also called as the love nub and button, which triggers her sexual excitement.

The clit head, which is considered to be the tip of the rest of the clitoral network, expands at the time of arousal. This is filled with blood, when women are aroused. It works in the similar way as the penis of men does.

The head of the clitoral has foreskin, which is called as clitoral hood. The hood that has slides move back and covers the head of the clit when women reaches close to climax.

It is not easy to understand how the clitoral head and the network associated with it works, at the time of arousal. Also, you need to be quite sensitive while playing around her sensitive part, and ensure that she is not hurt in the process.

Men and their penis

Men would want their partner to play with his penis and stimulate his sexual desires. The more it is rubbed better will be his excitement. He certainly wants his partner to play with his tool and excite his sexual desires. The same thing happens with women as well, and she expects her partner to play with her clit as much as possible.

Her clits are located deep inside and she would want you to enter into it deep, with passion and caution. The design of the clits is such that it stimulates women directly. During intercourse, women are satisfied when the penis hit her clits in the right manner.

Instead of rushing into the game, you can ensure that your tool hits the right button and excites her sexual world as never before. Many women experience orgasm by penetration, which is also known as indirect stimulation. However, this doesn't mean that they wouldn't enjoy clit stimulation at all.

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