Know The Different Stages When She Is Sexually Stimulated

It is not an easy task to understand the term “female orgasm” though men assume to know everything about it. Every woman's body is different and you cannot think of a single method to satisfy her sexually.

Your partner's body goes through different stages to increase her excitement. Women love the smell of your erotic cologne, and it can arouse them instantly. Before you plan a date with her, ensure that your body smells good and tempting. Don't forget to flirt with her, and arouse her especially when she is not expecting any move from you.

If you make a move anytime, she will not oppose to you at all if it is done in the right manner. Don't lose any chance to excite her sexually and arouse her whenever possible. She would certainly respond to your tickles and sensitive moves. You could learn to excite her more by understanding her sexual needs.

Observe some movements

Her body goes through many changes when you arouse her. At first her nipples becomes erect, and this is a good sign that her body is craving for you. When she is aroused, her vagina becomes wet due to lubrication. Blood starts flowing inside her clitoris and it becomes bigger than the usual size.

If you think that lubricated vagina is a sign that she is willing to have intercourse, then it is not right. It is an indication that she is aroused and she wants you to play with her sensitive organs. If you observe one or all the signs then don't miss on the chance to have sex with her.

Understand her excitement

Just like men, women also get aroused and excited. You can make her reach this level by stimulating her sensitive parts. She will surely enjoy you having foreplay with her, and will allow you to explore her body. You can start the movement slowly and steadily and ensure that she enjoys the act the way you do.

At this time, you might observe an increase in her heartbeat. Also, the color of her labia minor might change. You will observe the color changing to red or wine shade. Such a change is considered to be quite natural, and spontaneous.

Final stage

In this stage, her body goes through some important changes that indicate that she is ready for intercourse. In this stage, if her body doesn't go through color change then there are few chances that she will enjoy orgasm. Some women might also experience sex flush, where the blood flow into her sensitive body part increases. You might observe that the size of her breast increases and it becomes quite tempting.

This is also called as the plateau stage, which indicates that her body is ready for intercourse. You can enjoy a thorough vaginal intercourse at this time. In order to make the movement more erotic, you can stimulate her sexually. If your partner is faking then it might not be possible to notice such changes.

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