Importance Of Pampering Her Sexually To Make Yourself Irresistible To Her

The biggest challenge and excitement for a man is to see his partner enjoying orgasm. It is not an easy task, and doesn't happen quite often. If you think you can do that to your partner all the time, then perhaps you are not wrong.

However, you need to understand her sexual need and try different ways to please her in bed. Some women get excited through penetration, while others through oral sex. You certainly need to find what your partner's sexual preference is.

Become a perfect sex partner

You can become a perfect sexual master partner, by giving her multiple orgasms. With simple sexual movements you can make your partner plead for more. Every woman has a different climax pattern, and it is your job to find it out.

A man's body reacts to orgasm quite differently, when compared to a woman. For instance, after enjoying sex, the body relaxes and gets back to the normal position. This can be called as non arousal state, which would take time to get excited. This is not the case with a woman's body and this difference matters a lot.

Please your partner

Women can always enjoy multiple orgasms, if the act is done in the right manner. Many men commit the mistake of hurrying up things when it comes to sexual performance. This is wrong, as women would want to spend more time in bed, enjoying different acts. In fact, they have more sexual stamina as compared to men.

She would take more time to warm up and then continue with slow and steady moves that will sexually excite her. This happens because her body has been designed in a way to achieve multiple orgasms. Her body might relax for a while, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't want to enjoy the climax.

Ensure that she enjoys it

Men usually have the tendency to enjoy sex in quantity. They want their partner to enjoy orgasms, so that they will crave for more sex afterwards. If you think that women can be satisfied through orgasm, then it is completely wrong to think that way. She needs to be pampered and excited, which would mean spending some time with her in bed.

Women certainly don't want to feel the pressure of achieving orgasm, as this might kill the excitement of intimacy. Even an excitement of orgasm for a minute or so, will delight her sexual ecstasy. Thus, it wouldn't be wrong to say that she looks for quality, rather than quantity.

Before you start with the act, ensure that your partner is relaxed physically and mentally. You might massage her body, and give her a feel of being special. The other way to relax her mind and body is by providing her with emotional support.

Feel her body

You can excite her body, by feeling every curve and massaging her boobs. The more you relax her, the more fun she will have in bed. She would want you to discover her body, and gently move ahead playing with her sensitive organs. Don't rush in with the act, as it will spoil the game.

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