Explore Her Fantasy To Make Every Sexual Act Interesting

There are many myths that are quite often related to the way women enjoy orgasm. Sometimes it is not an easy task to help women attain orgasm and thus men don't think it is necessary to help their partner enjoy climax. In some cases, men feel that their penis is not big enough to satisfy their partner

Instead of thinking about what you cannot do with your penis, it is suggested to think about different things that can be done to satisfy your partner. Size matters, but not always, as women expect a lot from you. She likes the way you play with her boobs and how passionately you kiss her. It is true that just the foreplay will not help her to reach climax.

Satisfy her

She wants you to play with her sensitive parts, either with your fingers or with tongue. Thus, you need to know how to play with her clits and stimulate it. All you need is a bit practice and a skill to know what she wants from you at that particular moment. If you think that intercourse alone will get her orgasm, then you are wrong.

She needs lots of foreplay, and exciting activities that will help her to enjoy the act. Such things will relax her and make her crave for more from you. It is true that women also prefer to enjoy orgasm, just like men want to reach climax.

Check on your skills

There are nothing called prefect skills, when it comes to sex. All you need to do is follow the right steps that will make everything perfect for your partner. If you feel something is not exciting your partner, then you can slowly move on to the next level and ensure that she enjoys the play. Sometimes women take more time to reach climax, while others don't take much time.

Comfort her

Women don't want her to be considered as a sex object, and wants to be respected. She wants you to comfort her physically and emotionally if required. It is necessary to comfort her and ensure her that he will take care of her sexual needs. You need to take care of her needs and respect her, as she would like it.

No men would like their partner to fake orgasm, and it usually affects her confidence. There is nothing wrong in faking orgasm, but it can become a trend if you don't meet her sexual expectations at all. It doesn't mean that your tool is not good, but it's an indication that something is not working.

In some cases, women are not able to enjoy orgasm, and there are many reasons for the same. One of the common reasons is that women would have never enjoyed an act before. In this case, you can help her to discover her passion and enjoy climax. When compared to men, women take more time to reach climax and so you need to spend more time to make her enjoy the act.

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