Worried About The Size Of Your Penis

All your life you have been worrying about how to satisfy her sexual needs, and have been working harder to execute the information you got for the same. Despite this you are not happy, because she is not content with your performance at all. Now, you blame your penis and then research the ways to increase its size may be by an inch or two.

Are all these things worth doing? It's true that you have tried hard enough to satisfy her, but was it done in the right way. Many men still think that the whole magic of orgasm lies with the size of their penis. This is not completely true. Thus, if you have been blaming your smaller sized manhood for the flop sexual show, then stop it.

Know her expectations

Ask women what she wants and how she wants it? No one can educate you better than her. Some of the experienced women don't care for the size and its length, as it hardly matters them. What matters them a lot is the way her man does it. Instead of blaming yourself for not being able to do something, rediscover your sexual traits.

Even a smaller sized penis can rock her world, provided you know what she wants in bed. If you think that she loves penetration the most, then you might not be completely true. You might have one of the biggest things hanging in there, but it may not be of much use to her, unless you satisfy her in bed.

In order to penetrate into her, you need to work a lot of your pride. At first, it needs to be firmly erected then you need to ensure that it is inserted properly and then work hard to excite her. The whole effort goes vain, when you suffer from premature erection. Is it for this show that you have been struggling for so long?

Longer size matters men

Ask every man, as to what makes them proud and they will still confidently say, ‘Penis.' Irrespective of the size, unless you know what her expectations are you can never satisfy her. Instead of beating around the bush to enjoy a pleasurable sex, it is recommended to find your own ways to make intimacy memorable for her.

She loves pampering, your touch, and a feel of your flesh to enjoy sex. No woman is ever content with your cock, merely. More than penetration, she loves oral sex so don't forget to massage her sensitive vagina, until she is in the seventh heaven. The more you do it the better will be her sexual satisfaction.

If you have a bigger one then there are chances that you might hurt her, as it might not easily get into her vagina. Your penis matters a lot, but it is not the only thing that can rock her world. Guys worry less about the size, as there are different ways of exciting her. They are equally exciting and erotic than you might have thought about it.

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