Follow Winter Tips For Warming Up The Temperature

Winter is a special season, where you don't feel like letting go the warmth of your partner's body. With the drop in temperature, your girl will certainly not want to undress herself. Although this is a romantic season, where you can enjoy spending quality time with her, she might choose not to get naked. In order to get her in the mood, make your bedroom as appealing as possible by using scented candles, flowers and colorful bedspread.

Foreplay and other activities will increase her sexual libido and enlighten the whole atmosphere. In fact, it is the season where you can make enjoy being close to your partner all the time.

Romantic Tips to Enjoy Winter Sex:

Exhibit your Masculine Power – There are different ways of attracting and seducing your partner. She will be amused by your masculine power. It doesn't mean that you have to lift her or carry her around. Show her what you fantasize about and win her heart with all your stamina in your bedroom. You can start with simple moves, so that she knows you have in mind. If she is in no mood, then set the right atmosphere that will arouse her and put in all your efforts to please her. It is a perfect season where you will enjoy exploring her curves and beautiful body. You could also use the heater, so that the room temperature is a little warm.

Relaxing Massage – Who wouldn't love a relaxing and sexual massage, especially when the temperature outside is dipping down. Don't miss any opportunity to trickle her sensitive body parts, while massaging her. Give her a massage with warm scented oil, slowly and steadily. This will relax her mind and take off any stress that she might have in the back of her mind. Take her to the bathtub, filled with warm water and rub her back gently. This will surely sway her off the feet. After all of this, she will not let you go without indulging in steamy intercourse.

Candle Play – Darken the room by lighting aromatic candles all over. This will intensify the sex play and make it quite romantic. You could play the game of dripping hot wax on her skin. But ensure that it is not too hot or else you might burn her. There are special candles that are available in the market, which you buy and make the night loving. Less molten wax will have no affect on her skin.

Lube Warm – You can use a good quality lubricant that can be used for warming your body. Such lubricants will increase her sexually and arouse you as well. It will also get you both closer to each other and stimulate her sexuality.

Wild Exercises – Charge your body by indulging into wild sex. It will not only excite the whole atmosphere, but will also get you closer to her. There are different positions that will charge you and your partner, keeping both of you warm for the season. There are a number of positions you can try, which will give her multiple orgasms.

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