Exciting Small Space Sex Experiences

You don't need a large space for enjoying sex. No doubt making love on a king or a queen sized bed is quite exciting as you can roll over each other with no worry. However, even limited or small space can be equally exciting. Have you ever thought of making love to her in a small bathroom, kitchen, inside the car, or in elevators? Just a thought of it will excite you to the core.

Sometimes, the urge to make love to your partner is so strong that you cannot hold back yourself. You just want to be over your girl, exploring her bare beauty and sexuality. Men usually fantasize such a situation and wish to try them at least once. Limited space actually gets you both closer and balances your body and helps you to perfect the position. You can easily enter deep into her, stimulating her vagina instantly.

Women also prefer men to make quick love with them, especially when there is a limitation of space. Different places where you can enjoy an extravagant sexual act are as follows –

Inside the Car – The back seat of the car has enough space for both of you to perform your best, sexually. It is definitely the most exciting place to have sex with her. You don't have to worry about taking off your clothes completely nor have you to turn off the lights. Instead allow her to roll over you and make movements as she pleases. As the intensity increases, you will find her rocking harder and harder. You will definitely have no words to express your feeling and excitement. This is one of the easiest positions, but you can try a few others. All you need to do is sit on the reclined car seat and allow your partner to take control of the situation.

Inside a Tent – al fresco sex is always exciting as you can enjoy her physical companionship without worrying much about passerby. Tent is one such thing where you can execute your sexual fantasy, and at the same time enjoy being close to nature. You can choose a position that would mainly depend upon the height and size of the tent. Remember you can never enjoy anything in a standing position rather you can opt for a flat sex posture. Think about the spoon position, which will not only get your body closer to each other, but will help you to penetrate deep into her.

Closet – Don't get disheartened if your house has full of guests and you had no space to be intimate with your partner. Your closet is one of the best options to closely enjoy sex. Again you don't get much option to choose different position. It mainly depends upon the size of your closet. You can enter into her from the back door and intensify the speed as the excitement grows up.

Changing Room –This room has large sized mirrors. You can view every exciting moment of penetration and excitement in the mirror. The expressions moaning sound and others can equally arouse you and encourage doing it wilder and faster.

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