Differentiate Between Sex And Romance

Both men and women have different ideology about sex and romance. Though there is a fine line that differentiates, between them. Girls love men who are not only good in bed, but are passionate and romantic about lovemaking session. This might not be the case with men, as they mainly concentrate on direct action. Unlike men, girls are always demanding and insist their partner's to be romantic.

Men usually get confused differentiating between sex and romance. However, they can make a difference in the following manner –

  • Marriage Anniversaries – This day has a special relevance and couples always look for better ways to celebrate it, no matter how many years have gone by. You can plan something exciting for your partner and surprise her in an unusual manner. Unlike men, women prefer this celebration to be a day-long thing. More than intimacy, they expect their partners to express their love and affection towards them. She always wants you to be extraordinary and do something that is quite unusual and enchanting. Of course lovemaking is one of the important aspects of this day that will make it quite amazing. Make a mental note or set a reminder and don't risk forgetting this special day.
  • Exciting Quickie – Women love men who make love with them spontaneously. Such sessions are more passionate, exciting, and wild. Quickie makes her feel very special and loved. She loves your sense of wanting and adores your desire to feel her all the time. It is so rigorous that you get wild at any place, no matter wherever you are. Such lovemaking is romantic and arousing all the time.
  • Date at Night – Don't let your sexual desire fade with time. After a certain time, it becomes hard to keep up your sexual excitement alive. At the later stage of your life, your priorities and responsibilities take over your sexual desire. You can revive your lost desire by spending time with her. Nothing can be more romantic and exciting than date night, where you spend the entire night of the week with her. Make it a regular routine to leave behind and forget your worries and tensions. Just think about making the night romantic and beautiful. Spend more time with her, and ensure to help her with cooking dinner for you. Turn off your handset, so no one disturbs your private moments. Make every effort to tell her how much you still love her and explore her beautiful body, slowly and gradually.
  • Sex for Making up – It is quite common to have differences in a relationship, especially when you are caught in between responsibility and commitment. Post arguments, you might realize that your blood pressure and heart beat increase. Make up with your partner, by indulging in wild and erotic sex that will reduce your stress level. It has been noted that couples get easily connected physically, in sexual activity after you end up an argument. It is a good way to minimize the differences as well.

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