Come Together And Enjoy Erotic Climax

Unlike in porn and other movies, it is a rare scenario where the couples reach orgasm at the same time. In movies, you can view how erotically both the partners come together, which is quite satisfactory. Though it is rare, but not an impossible task. Both of them experience erotic orgasm and it encourages them to perform better the next time.

It is quite necessary that you work on this process together, as it needs co-ordination between both of you. You might not be successful the 1st time, but surely you will be the next time when you try it. Don't let failure impact your motive and excitement at all.

Tips for Enjoying Climax Together:

How does it happen – There are few steps that need to be followed for enjoying dual orgasm. Though it is not common, but you can take the right efforts for the same. She needs more time to reach orgasms and you can help her through masturbation. Penetration can be helpful quite a few times, but you may be required to put in great efforts. While penetration, your partner might need more time, as compared to you. Matching these timings can be quite difficult and challenging at times.

Sex Position – It is quite possible that your partner might reach orgasm as quickly as you do. Well, it is your responsibility to help her out in this situation. You need to learn how to help her reach climax during lovemaking, as it will definitely help her to get sexually satisfied. You can make love to her in different positions and can choose one after checking her comfort level. Instead of sticking to one position, you can try various options. As much as possible try to stimulate her clitoris, as it will help to reach climax. She will get maximum satisfaction when she is on top of you, as she can adjust the position that will satisfy her. Unlike men, she needs constant clitoris stimulation, so as to reach her climax.

Help her or support her hips so that the penetration is deeper. Make it more rhythmic, so as to enjoy the session to the maximum. When she is performing the act, play with her breast and excite her to perform more. The other way to stimulate her is through oral sex. Insert your tongue deep into her vagina and make different movements that will make her scream with ecstasy.

Begin slowly and gradually intensify the speed. She will go crazy with madness, when your wet tongue is deep into her vagina exploring it with great passion. With time, you will surely become an expert and can perform it in an erotic manner. When she is close to climax, then enter deep into her and make intensified movements. In this way, both of you will be able to reach climax at the same time.

Perfect Timing:

As compared to women, men reach climax much faster. With practice learn the art to match the climax timings as you both can together reach orgasm. Foreplay is very important as it will help you both to match your timings.

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