Be Naughty With Your Partner And Excite Her

Games and executing erotic desires add flavor and spice to your normal sexual life. Couples all over the world have different sexual desires and secretly want to enact them, at least once. These desires will enhance the sexual encounter, and help you in achieving orgasm. Some women love to be dominated, while others are submissive and let their partners do everything. Doctors and nurses, pupil and teacher, and others are some of the examples.

The fun is letting the other person to erotically order and instruct you to perform certain sexual acts. You can talk to your partner and check about her sexual fantasy, and enact them whenever possible. Such an act allows you to be naughty and play with her.

Some of the Fun Sex Games are as Follows:

  • Power Game – This game is full of fun and dominancy. You can allow your partner to take over your desires and enjoy the fun game. It allows your partner to become as vulnerable as possible, thus making the act very special and memorable. You can decide upon the role and ensure that each one performs their best and excite each other. Slave and master is one of the famous power games, where the master has all the power over his slave. If your partner is fine with this idea then you can buy whips, collars, and other things that will give a real feel of the environment. Create a perfect atmosphere, so you can enjoy every moment of the power game. Start slow and don't be wild at all. For best enjoyment, you can set boundaries that will secure this game. Don't be too harsh on her, as you might hurt her. If you intend to use abusive words, check with her if she is fine with it.
  • Be a Dominant Partner – If you are enacting as a dominant partner, then act like one. Instead of asking her to do something, you need to command her. Tell her what you expect her to do and how it needs to be performed. Make her beg in front of you for more sex and excitement, as this will surely arouse you. You can command her to perform oral sex and ensure to excite her equally as well. Demand with a command, so don't mind your manners. It is necessary to get into the flow of the game and experience every moment of the same. Add fun to the game by punishing her for her non performances. Don't be predictable while punishing her, or else she might not enjoy the same.
  • A Good Sub – If you want to act like a submissive partner then, act like a sub. Speak to your partner with respect and act as per her expectations and desire. The fun of the game is acknowledging whatever she does and respecting it as well.

Communicate with your partner and check her fantasies and ensure to enact it. You might not want to force anything on her rather ask her to give a try. She might start enjoying the act.

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