5 Things To Avoid In Bed

It is advisable not to do anything weird on a bed that might scare a woman. She might not be interested in spending time with you the next time, no matter whatever you do. All your hard work and time that you have spent till now in exciting the girl will be of no use. Even if you have spent considerable time with a friend or a person, whom you have known for ages, when it comes to sex they are always scared.

Five Things to be avoided in Bed

  • Move Out of the Comfort Zone – if you are dating someone for the 1st time, then it is quite easy for you to ask her any sexual favour. This might not be the case with a partner whom you love or have spent considerable time with her. It is quite important to comfort her and ask her if she has tried the act before. If the answer is yes, then you can continue with your desire. However, you need to be very careful, if her answer is no. Make all the moves confidently and slowly. Remember you intend to spend quality time with her and thus don't scare her away. Take good care of her comfort zone and don't rush into the act directly.
  • Knock her From the Backdoor – Not many women are comfortable with anal sex, so get their opinion beforehand. Some of them love it, while others don't prefer it. If you are unsure of her preferences, then preferably don't try to enter in from the back door. Unless you are confident about her, don't even risk moving your hand behind there. This might alert her and scare her as well. If she is fine trying the act, then be gentle initially. Don't try to surprise her entering from her back, especially when you don't know if she likes it or not. Take better information about her preferences before doing anything
  • Dirty talk - Dirty talk can be interesting and erotic, but don't try them unless you know her properly. You will surely enjoy such talks, when she also participates in it. So, be careful, as it might frighten her and you will be deprived of enjoying a sexual encounter.
  • Whip the Sex Gear – your collection of sex toys can surely excite her, but don't let her know about them unless you have spent quality time with them. If she is comfortable with it, you can try them on each other. Don't directly show her your collection, as it might look odd. So ensure that she has a fair idea about your fantasy and also enjoys participating in the act.
  • Pain Play – Biting her can be quite exciting and many a times it happens naturally. However, ensure not to hurt her. She will surely enjoy the pain, which is sweet and pleasurable. Dedicate your 100 percent to your lady as it will create the right kind of impression on her mind.

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