5 Things That Guys Should Not Say While In Bed

No doubt girls love men who can talk dirty in bed, but they will not appreciate if you start it immediately. Of course no one will like you to talk erotic, when you hardly know them. In fact it might create a wrong impression about you. It is no use regretting, once you have uttered the words that has hurt her sentiments.

There are some things that you might not want to speak when you are in the bedroom. No matter whatever you do to impress her, you will always remain in her bad books. Verbal slip-ups are a strict no, when your partner is quite sensitive and tender.

5 Things that You Should Not Speak to Her:

  • Talk About The Butts – Women love compliments, no matter what time of the day it is. They love you more when you admire her and talk about it. It is quite necessary that you say things in a proper manner, or else it might change the whole meaning. Don't upset her by telling that her tummy, butt, thighs, or other sensitive part wiggles when you make love to her. Such a comment might make her conscious and take off her attention from what you are doing to her. Things might turn up ugly if she is insecure or uncomfortable talking or hearing about these body parts. Let her enjoy the feeling, when you touch her body rather than being embarrassed about something.
  • Always Remember Her Name – Women will love it, when you repeat her name all the time. She will certainly not have good remarks about you, if you keep asking her name many a times. Don't ever ask her name in between intercourse. You might make her feel unimportant and cheap. She will not like to spend time with you again, no matter whatever your performance was. The outcome of the situation is surely not something that will you will like or expect.
  • Call her by Another Name – Don't ever mess with her identity, as you might upset her. You just excite her when you call out her name during the lovemaking session. In fact, it increases her libido and arouses her amazingly. If you have an issue in remembering her name, then do not address her with another name, maybe the previous girl. To err is human nature, but promptly apologize to her if you call her by another name. Compensate by pampering and playing with her special parts. She will certainly forget and forgive your mistake.
  • Perform Quietly – Don't be loud, even you are enjoying the session. She might scream and moan loudly, but your profile must be low. If she is excitedly moaning then it means that she is having a great time with you. She might be surprised by your noise and wouldn't know how to react. Too much sound might get you noticed, obviously for the wrong reasons. You definitely do not want to encounter any unpleasant situation, especially after having a great time with her.

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