The Exciting Facts About Threesome

Nowadays, adventurous couples are attracted to try threesome, wherein 3 people together perform the sexual act. As per them, additional member can bring in more fun and ecstasy to every lovemaking session. Such sex differs from the normal and regular session in many ways. With no resourcefulness and sensitivity, you might end up messing the whole fun of the game.

It is important that you talk to each other and adhere to some practical rules for enjoying this. In twosome you need to take care of each other's desire and ensure maximum satisfaction. In threesome, you need to ensure that all 3 of you are equally satisfied and happy at the end.

Following are the set of rules that will make the moment very special for 3 of you:

  • Set Proper Boundary – The 3rd person in the game is a stranger and it is very obvious that you both do not know much about him. It is thus important to set a boundary, so all of you can enjoy. Before setting the rules, you all can sit together and talk to each other. In this way you can let each other know about your expectations. Let your girlfriend speak about her desires, so both can take turns to simultaneously satisfy her. Ensure that you all are honest and open up for carrying out this conversation.
  • Avoid Drinking – The rule of the game is not to get drunk, especially on the day when you have planned to try this with each other. A peg or two is good to relax your mind and body, but excessive drinking can spoil the whole mood of the game. Unlike the normal encounter, threesome needs dedication and fine tuning of time. Of course you might not be able to participate in the act when you are drunk or out of your senses. You need to support your partner both emotionally and physically. With presence of mind, you can make the best use of the time and enjoy the actual threesome.
  • Share Love and Passion – threesome is meant to satisfy all the 3 people involved in this act. None of the members should be ignored as it will definitely upset the other person. Instead of following a strict rule, you all can mutually participate in the act. It is wrong to have an impression that one of them deserves to be the center of attraction. The fun of the game is when everyone gets their turn to satisfy their desires. At times, you need to be a spectator when the other person is performing on her. You can make the best use of time that you get, when the other one is busying something on her. You can creatively use a sex toy that will keep the 3rd person busy with excitement. In this way, all of the participants are busy.

Threesomes take your excitement to a different level altogether. Unless your partner has an acceptance of this idea, don't force her to get involved in it.

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