Some Top Position Mistakes Men Commit In Bedroom

Guys you need to take care of different things, when you planning to sexually satisfy your partner. A better sexual position will enhance your performance and amuse her. Choosing the right position is quite a challenging task, and needs lots of patience. Guys don't get disheartened when you are not able to perform them effectively.

Things to be Avoided in Bedroom:

Sex Position Mistake – Guys don't force your partner to do anything that she might not be comfortable with. Don't ever try any outrageous sexual act that you might have been performed by a porn star. Forcing her to do any such thing will surely amuse her. Instead you can make an effort to understand your partner and try something that will excite her. It might be more interesting and realistic. Don't do anything that might discomfort her, though she might not let you know about it. Such thing will kill her sexual excitement, and might not whole heartedly participate trying anything new. Ensure that she is equally excited about trying a new sexual position, or else she will be not happy at all. Guys don't forget to take care of her emotional comfort as well. Unless she enjoys your company in bed, you might never receive a positive response from her, when you want to have intimacy with her again. Don't ejaculate over her, especially when she is not like it. She might not appreciate dirty talks or else, as she might feel it to be a disrespectful act. Women prefer themselves to be treated as human, rather than any sex object.

Common Bedroom Mistake – She loves you to be a gentleman in bedroom, as she expects you to respect her. Guys don't assume anything, especially when you are looking to arouse her. Before concluding anything, it is quite necessary to check her expectations and desires. Allow her to roll over you, in case she wants to. In this way, she can excitedly satisfy her sexual desire. One of the biggest mistakes that men tend to commit in bedroom is not trying to understand what exactly their partner expects. It is your responsibility to ensure that your partner feels more secured, loved, and cared in bed and off bedroom. They never enjoy the company of men, who are judgmental and take decision by themselves.

Graveyard Position Mistake – You can make your partner feel special by participating in whatever she is doing. Don't lie down there may be watching television or reading a book, especially when she is playing with you. Ensure to perfect your hip movement so that you can satisfy her erotic desire. If your partner is finding it difficult to adjust her position, then it is your responsibility to perfect her. Don't ever make fun of her, as it will definitely annoy her. You can comfort her with your knees, so that she can easily stimulate her vagina. She doesn't appreciate her partner, who is too aggressive on bed, especially when she doesn't like it. You can try different positions, instead of continuing with one thing all time.

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