Role Play For Adding Fun To Your Boring Sexual Life

Men in uniform always appeal women and they get automatically attracted towards them. No matter whatever your job might be, you appear immensely handsome to them. Cops, military officers, pizza boy, or others are some of the men who can easily attract these women. If your partner loves men in uniform, then you can enact like them and easily sweep them off the floor.

You can try them in your role play and surprise her. Following are some of the bedroom scenarios that will create magical moments inside your bedroom.

Student and Teacher: many boys and girls in their teens might have been attracted towards one of their English or history teachers. Such a thing is common and everyone tends to remember it for ages. In this act, the teacher has the power and acts dominant inside the bedroom. A student is a submissive partner, who enjoys following his/her teacher's instruction.

Your partner stands in front of you wearing a small and sexy skirt and an adorable top. You can include various scenarios in this role play. One is where, the teacher asks you to wait after the calls, and maybe she wants to talk to you or teach you something. As a teacher you get an opportunity to explore her body slowly. Gently take your hands inside her skirt and stimulate her slowly. Then take her top off and feel her smooth breasts. Such acts arises your sexual excitement, as you explore her sensitive body as if you have never done it before.

Act likes a Doctor and Patient – This is another way of amusing your partner and brings in the required variations to your boring sexual life. Women normally get attracted towards a handsome doctor, and deeply desire to have intimacy with him. You can be doctor in the act as you can then touch her under the pretext of treating or checking her. If she complains that her body is aching or she is hurt then gently touches her and examine her. Notice her signals and then proceed ahead in exploring her beautiful body part.

Law breaker and Cop – Your partner might act as a law breaker, who is caught red handed. She is willing to anything to please, so as to avoid the severe consequences of the situation. You can opt to act as a strict officer, who cannot be easily impressed. Guys imagine the excitement that will be built up when she makes all the efforts to touch your private part and you find it difficult to control your emotions. You can ask her to strip off, if she wants you not to take any legal action against her.

Client and Stripper – Imagine what all you could do, when you have a stripper in front of you. Watching her undressing her one by one will raises your excitement. The situation will be more erotic when she uses props and tactfully uses it expose her body part.

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