Master The Art Of Dating For The 1st Time

Guys when you are going to bed with her for the 1st, it is necessary that you take things easily and don't say anything that might annoy her. Even experienced men sometimes end up committing some sort of mistakes. When you see a beautiful women standing naked in front of you, it becomes very difficult to hold back your mannerism. Such an act might scare her and she might not be willing to date you again.

If you want to master the art of successfully dating someone for the 1st time, then you can read this article.

Take your Own Time – Guys instead of rushing up to the act, you can spend time relaxing and comforting each other. This is quite important for enjoying the moment to the fullest. You cannot afford to have a uniform behavior with all girls, as they all are different. By spending time with her you get to know her preferences and sexual likings.

In fact it helps you to get connected to her from the sex point of view. There is a possibility that you might some unacceptable mistakes when you directly jump into the act. Spending time doesn't essentially mean that you talk to her for may be sometime, so as to get closer to her.

There are quite a few men who don't mind dating the same partner at least 6 or 8 times, until they know them completely. Not many men want to wait for such a long time. It is thus important that you patiently wait and read her signals, before stepping forth. If she responds positively to the 1st step, then proceed towards the 2nd.

Rushing can Mess things – Guys dating doesn't mean that you rush her into your bedroom and quickly undress her without knowing her expectations at all. Such a step might spoil the whole game. She is equally scared and excited as you are, so start slowly. This will give her enough time to relax her mind and concentrate on whatever you doing to please her. Kiss her gently and appreciate her looks, as women men who admire her.

Tantalize her – the next thing you can do is explore her sensitive features. Stroke her breasts, run your fingers through her hair, and take your hands in between her thighs. Spend as much as time as possible kissing on her lips and kiss her ear tips. Once she is charged up, slowing take your hand towards down there, and gently start massaging her. You can continue with the foreplay and start fingering her.

Provide Special Lip Service – provide her with special lip service that will excite her and help to reach orgasm. If she is happy with this service, then continue with the act. You can gently begin exploring her labia and play with her clitoris. Intensify the movements and help her to reach orgasm.

The Main Act – whenever you both are ready, then go ahead for the final act. If you having sex with a girl for the 1st time, then be natural and start enter into her slowly and gently. If she is not happy with the position then change it immediately.

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