Know Her Fantasies And Strengthen Your Bonding

It is not only guys who have erotic and sexual fantasies that they always crave to fulfill. Even women desire to try something unusual and exciting on bedroom or other places. Her desires are equally exciting and mesmerizing, which will surely add fun to this sex game. Not many men make an effort to understand her fancy and wild sexual dreams. Many of the women don't confess about this desire openly, unless they are comfortable with their partner.

Following are some of her Fantasies that she always want to enjoy with her partner –

  • Private Dancer – Given a chance she will love to hire a private dancer who can perform erotically in front of her. She loves to admire your body and enjoy looking at those beautiful curves and sexual tact's. She expects you to dance seductively and amuse her. You can act like a stripper and take your dress off one after the other. She surely enjoys such scenes been a spectator and gets excited watching you dance. Before getting into the act, you can ask her what acts excites her. You can concentrate on performing those acts only and make her happy. You can take help of a dancing pole as well that will add more intensify the level of excitement in this game.
  • Get into the Action - Women love sex, as it makes them feel more desired and sexy. So you create an environment that will make her feel divine and more desired. You can spend time with her and discuss about making your private recording, which can be used for personal purpose only. Watching such a movie lets her know what turns you on, as these moments cannot be seen during performance. You can record them in different angels and positions. You can proceed with such an act if she permits you to record these moments. You can make use of your high-tech gadgets or high resolution recorder. It is necessary that you both trust each other, as no one would want tape to be used for a wrong reason. Once you enjoyed viewing the tape, you can mutually delete the recording.
  • Domination - women love men who are strong and have broad shoulders. They love you to strongly take over in bedroom. Women expect their men to make all efforts to sexually satisfy her. Sometimes she loves to be dominant sometimes with you in bedroom. If that the case, allow her to take over you, as you will also enjoy her. When you allow her to overpower you, she gets opportunity to explore her sexual fantasy. Like men, she also loves to exhibit her sexual prowess and excite her. You can communicate with her so as to understand her expectations and desires in bedroom. Such healthy communication strengthens your relationship and brings you closer to her. She surely doesn't like men who merely think about themselves about them and don't intend to know what she expects from you.

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