Kama Sutra - A Guide For All The Beginners

Kama Sutra is a famous ancient Indian text that was originally written to help men to lead a happy married life. It has 7 interesting topics that clearly talk about sex and different positions that will strengthen their intimacy. Many topics mainly concentrate on compendium of carnal contortions, and clearly describe the genitalia area.

This book is still referred by many curious men, all around the world. These ancient teachings mainly focus on mutual pleasure, rather than forceful acts. The positions explained in the book are quite interesting and surely will give rise to newer sexual desires in your. It is because of this reason, why the book of Kama Sutra is much referred by people across the globe.

Different Sex Positions as mentioned in the book, which you might like to try:

Pillar Position – In this stance, men and women undress themselves and kneel down, facing each other. The women passionately open her thighs and exhibit her yoni. The partner then draws her close to him and makes her sit on his thighs, in such a way that he can easily penetrate his penis into her vagina. It is necessary that the man sits straight and in a composed position before he takes her into his arms. In this position penetration is very easy and the movements can fill the act with lot of passion. Both of you can kiss each other compassionately while enjoying the closeness. The stimulation is limited and the penetration might not be as deep as expected.

Indrani Position - In this one, women drive their men and instruct them to perform the act that will satisfy her. She lies on her back, with her knees bent towards her chest. The man, then sits on his knees and enters his asset or lingam into her vagina. Depending upon her requirement, she can pull him towards her, in order to intensify the pressure. This special position makes her look all the more beautiful and creates special bonding between both of them.

Goddess Position – This is a very intimate and special relation, wherein the man sits straight, while his partner carefully sits on his lingam or manhood and makes passionate movements, to accomplish her sexual desires. She wraps her legs around his waist, comfortably. It is considered to be very intimate position, where they get very close to each other physically, kiss and pamper passionately. Yet again, in this position the stimulation and penetration is limited, but it creates enough intimacy to enjoy each other for a longer time. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, then this is the best position.

Mill Position – This is one of those, which should not be tried until you have an experienced partner. It is definitely not recommended for people who have feeble heart. However, it is best recommended for those who exercise regularly, such as yoga. Here the man lies on his back and allows this partner to roll over him. She sits on her knees to penetrate. She uses his asset as an axis, so she can spin around. She places her legs in such a manner that it can be easily used to change the position.

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