Interesting Facts To Know About Orgasm

Female orgasm is one of the most interesting concepts that are definitely a must to know information. Her climax is similar to her mindset, which is quite difficult to understand. There is no sex school that teaches you the exact procedure to help them to achieve maximum satisfaction. No matter whatever you try to excite her sometimes you are not successful in satisfying her desires.

You can read this article that will tell you how to satisfy her.

  • Patience – Research shows that women take more time to get excited, which is not the case with men. They might sometimes take 15-40 minutes to reach orgasm, through sexual intercourse. On the other hand, men don't need more than 5 minutes to reach climax. It has been noted that many women fake excitement even if they are not satisfied. It is very important to have patience, as hurrying up might spoil the whole game. Relax her mind and body, as it is one of the main ingredients to enjoy each other's sexual desire. Ensure that she is enjoying the act, rather not faking it. You can sit close to her and start with a casual talk. If possible massage her shoulder or back, and release her from any sort of work pressure or stress.
  • Admire her Bare Body – Women love emotional attachment as well. Men are always curious to take off their partner's clothes and love to view their naked body. Guys don't hurry up with this process, as you can initially comfort her. No doubt, her bare body can be quite tempting and it might be tough for you to hold back your emotions. When you are undressing her, make it a point to admire her beautiful body. Don't hesitate to appreciate her beauty, as you will surely love it. Let her know how she looks, when undressed. Don't ever try this technique for the sake of it, but mean what you say.
  • Try multitasking act – She can enjoy multiple orgasm at the same time, so guys try to think out of the box to satisfy her desires. Instead of taking the longer route you can try something that will excite her to the core. You can help her in getting multiple climaxes through foreplay, kissing, and caressing. Don't merely concentrate on her clitoris and give enough time to get stimulated. Once she starts breathing low, you can begin playing with her clitoris gently. As the pressure increases you can then intensify the pressure. If her response is positive then it means that she is ready for 2nd orgasm. It is quite important that you don't let down the momentum at all.
  • Try at least for 2 Shots –It is indeed a challenging task to help your partner in reaching orgasm. Guys just don't give up rather try again one more time. You can excite her externally by stimulating her clitoris through oral sex. You can also make use of sex toys or vibrators that will stimulate her inner sexual desires.

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