How To Prepare Your Partner For Oral Sex?

Oral sex is the best way to stimulate her sexual instincts. More than half of the women love to indulge in such sexual act, while there are many who just don't love it at all. Instead of indulging in oral sex once a while, you can make it a regular practice. In this way you can stimulate her and at the same time prepare yourself mentally to have a greater power.

This article will help you adopt the best methods to enjoy Oral Sex:

  • Clean Up - If you want her to explore and play with this sensitive part, then take time off and clean it properly. She won't be happy to play with it, if it is not clean or stinks. In fact, she will be happy to play with your asset using her tongue. If it doesn't taste good, then she will certainly not like to go down there. Have a quick shower and clean yourself, as she will enjoy going down south.
  • Trim Up – Not only women, but men also need to clean up their garden area. If there is too much hair in that area, then it might not look good. Rather choose the best way to clean this private area and trim the unwanted hair. It will not make it look fresh, but it will look more appealing.
  • Taste Sensation – There is a possibility that your partner might not like going down there, as she is not happy with its taste. Don't be embarrassed rather find the best option to resolve this issue. Be creative and use flavored chocolates or whipped cream over it. It will not only make the area taste good, but will make it more tempting as well.
  • Make her Comfortable – It is quite necessary that you make her comfortable, so that both can enjoy the act. Ensure that your partner is quite comfortable in performing oral sex and don't force it on her. If she is uncomfortable in taking your manhood, then it is better to try something else. On the other hand, if she is happy or excited with it then she will insist on performing it all over again .You can lie down on your back and allow her to do whatever way she prefers to perform oral sex. She will perform the act by kneeling down there and excite you with her acts.
  • Don't Force her – Forcing her for this act, is a definite no. Don't scare her as she might not be happy to be with you again. Instead of taking her down there and forcing things on her, you can ask her about her expectations. If she is happy and fine performing the act, then you don't have to worry about anything. Women are sometimes scared of performing such acts, and thus don't prefer to go down. In this case you can comfort her and make slow movements that will encourage her to go ahead with the act.

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