How To Find Out If She Is Faking In Bed With You?

Men get all the more excited when they hear their partners moaning with excitement in bed. It is very difficult to find out if she is faking the excitement of reaching orgasm. Your girl might have at some point of time in your relationship faked her orgasm. This means, you will need to put in extra effort to understand her ecstasy from her movements and excite her.

Why do they fake – The question here is why do women fake about reaching or enjoying orgasm? There are many reasons to it. She definitely doesn't want to hurt you, thus faking orgasm is the best option. Her moaning can be unreal. Instead of letting you down, she prefers to writhe around and pretend to enjoy the pleasure of intimacy. She creates an impression that she is enjoying the act and doesn't stop or motivate you from doing anything new.

Women pretend to fake sex, when they are under the influence of alcohol. If your ladylove is dating someone else other than you, then most of times she will pretend to reach climax sooner. If she realizes that the new person in her life is not what she was looking for, then she would turn to you for pleasure, compromising on her desires and not upsetting you. Things are different when men have unusual expectations from their regular or new partners.

With an intention of fulfilling their desire they exert pressure in the wrong manner, which can displease her. Instead of doing the right thing and giving pleasure, you directly try to penetrate into her vagina without understanding her expectations is a big mistake. If men force themselves on women without knowing what they want, then partners are bound to fake her orgasm.

Warning Signals – It is not at all easy to tell your partner that you are faking. However it is quite important to reveal the fact. There are some signals that will help men know if their partners are actually enjoying the act or faking it. Whenever a woman is aroused or turned on, her vagina becomes wet. This is surely something that they can never be manipulated, under any circumstances.

When you touch her sensitive part and it is bone dry, it only indicates that she is not excited and not prepared for the act. In spite of this fact, if you hear her moaning, then it means that she wants to soon get done with the session. If she reaches orgasms, before you get into the actual game, then there is surely something wrong.

A completely excited woman will have pouncing heart beats and she will also breathe heavily. She will blush and her body temperature will eventually increase. Her nipples and clitoris get erect and vagina opens up wide. If you don't see any such signs of stimulations on her body, then it is certain that she is not enjoying the sexual act with you.

After climax, normally she prefers to sit close to you and relax. On the other hand, if she directly gets out of the bed and walks to get dressed, then there is a possibility that she didn't have the real fun.

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