Erotic Sex Positions In A Public Place

You might have strongly felt the urge of lovemaking with your partner in public. Controlling such an excitement is quite a challenge, but if given an opportunity you would love to try it at least once in your life time. Imagine you are walking with your partner in a garden and the breeze is tempting you to strip her off and enter into her passionately.

Sex outdoors is always exciting and amusing as you go through a mixed combination of fear and excitement. Summer is one season, when you prefer spending time with her outside, may be strolling on a park or swimming on a pool. Almost everyone prefers to undress themselves and love the touch of cool breeze on their body.

You can read this article and check the best ways to enjoy sex outdoors.

Start Small – You can surely enjoy outdoor sex, but not in the similar way as you do at your private place. Instead of diving deep into the act, you can take small, but passionate steps that will be a different experience altogether.

Oral sex is one of the best things that you both can enjoy when you are outside. Beware and keep a watch on trespassers, as you might then have to stop the act immediately. It is an art to perform the act, without been caught.

Wear a Suitable Dress – You can be thoughtful when you decide about a position, when you are planning for outdoor sex. Ensure to wear an easy accessible dress, which wouldn't need much effort to be taken off, whenever you feel like reaching to her sensitive part. You can choose to go behind the bushes that are not often visited by people. You can easily lie on top of her and make erotic movements.

A spoon position is the best, especially in such places. Gently lay her on the ground and enter into her excitedly. Allow her as well to be on top of you and take your manhood into her vagina. The real act is more exciting and cannot be merely expressed in words. Side by side is another exciting position.

When you both are down in meadows or other place, she surely wouldn't want her clothes to get dirty. In this case, you can kneel down and wrap her legs around your hips. In this way, only your feet will be on the ground and it will minimize the risk of spoiling her clothes. You can carry your blanket along with yourself, so you can lie down and try on different positions.

Take a Comfortable Position – Not all the public places will be comfortable and safe. Moreover you don't have much time to try different positions, as you need to hurry up with the act. You can try making love in a seated position, as it is not only comfortable but satisfying as well. Find a comfortable seat or chair may be on a garden or beach.

Once you have comfortably seated on it, you can ask your partner to turn her back towards you and bend forward. You can slowly insert your manhood into her. If someone is passing by, then they will assume that she is sitting on your lap. In this way you can continue with your excitement without letting anyone guess what you are doing.

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