Build Up Sexual Tension By Blindfolding Your Partner

Fanaticizes can add excitement to your boring and routine sexual life. As time passes, couples hardly find time for each other, which is definitely not a good sign. Instead of drifting away from each other, you can plan exciting sexual acts that will add spice to your normal life. Interaction is one of the effective ways, which will always keep you connected with your wife or girlfriend.

It is quite necessary to build up sexual tension, as it creates a strong urge to indulge into intimate relationship. You can create sexual suspense through blindfold, as you leave your partner wondering about your next move. When one of your senses is deactivated, it automatically activates the other.

You can blindfold her and play around your partner that will build up the sexual tension. Blindfold will excite your ecstasy and you will encourage you to perform better on bedroom. It is a simple way through which you add extra spice that will strengthen your relationship.

Blindfold Food Foreplay – It is quite important to take your partner out of routine, which can be disinteresting at times. Your bedroom is the best place, where you can stimulate your partner and excite her, by blindfolding her. You can use a satin blindfold and ensure that she is comfortably seated, either on bed or a chair. You can surprise her by making her to taste different food, fruits, and chocolate. It will excite her and stimulate her brain, which is quite important to enjoy better sexual act. Don't make her taste something that she doesn't like, as it will spoil the whole atmosphere. Instead feed her with tempting chocolates and honey that will amuse her.

Blindfold Games – You can start playing with her sensitive part, especially once you have comforted her after blindfolding. Tickle her curvy and move your finger around the tips of her ears, legs, breast, thighs, and other places. This will increase the sexual tension and she will wonder as to what your next step will be.

You can check her expression, especially when you are playing with her body. She will certainly let you know about her excitement. Instead of fingers, you can use your tongue to play with her body parts. She will definitely enjoy you kissing her, after blindfolding. You can try different acts, as it will increase her excitement all the time you do something new.

After sometime, you can change the role and allow her to explore your body and enjoy every feeling. Let her sit on your lap and feel your body as closely as possible, and try everything and anything that will arouse both of you. This game can be intensified further, when she ties your hand as well. As she moves down, your passion and sexual excitement also doubles up. Imagine your state of mind, when she is paying with your penis after tying your hand. It is necessary to be quite natural when you play with her blindfolded. You can use a smooth scarf or handkerchief that can be tied around her eyes.

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