Anal Sex – An Erotic Way To Enjoy Intimacy

Anal sex is equally important as oral intercourse is. You might come across many people who believe that oral sex is always better. Reverse is the fact, which states that most heterosexual couples prefer to indulge in anal sex. Not only that they will always love to try it at least one more time.

With proper knowledge you can surely enjoy anal sex in a very pleasing manner. Some of the interesting facts about such types of sex are as follows –

Anal not for Gay – Many think that anal is preferred by gays, which is a misconception. Since ages it has been associated with heterosexual men. Such sexual act is not necessarily preferred by gay community, but by normal men as well. Men can try something new and exciting that will definitely please both of them. It is definitely the best way to satisfy your sexual desires and discover new heights of satisfaction.

Erotic Appeal – Anal sex motivates positive and naughty intimacy. You can surely try for a quickie that can be more interesting than bedroom performance. Intimacy on your parent's bed, garage, garden area, sex at work, and many others not only sounds interesting but is pleasurable as well. Such though turns men on and excite them always.

They experience altogether different sexual sensation, which is not possible to be expressed in words. Anal insertion usually is erotic and appealing. When compared to other position, anal cavity is considered to be tight and smooth. You surely will experience a sexual satisfaction, which is definitely out of this world.

Take Your Partners Approval – It is quite important to seek an approval from your partner, and ensure that she also enjoys the act. Not many of them love it, so don't risk of annoying them. You can talk to her and .find her opinion. It should equally stimulate her and excite her as well. Anal sex can stimulate her cervix, which results into magnificent orgasms.

Through this position you can easily reach out her to G-spot and satisfy her. You can easily excite her from behind, as well. For better experience you can swap role and excite both of you. Your partner can put on the strap on and enter from behind. It is the definitely the best alternatives to tackle any sort of erection dysfunction problem.

Reach the Finish Line – P-spot is that special area through which you can stimulate him. It is a supersensitive area and is located on the internal side of the prostate gland, just below the lower rectum. Finding this spot can be tricky and cannot be easily spotted. Stimulating them activates the P-spot, which gives a pleasurable experience.

There are many other sensitive and pleasure giving sensitive areas that is located on P-gland. Initially you might be experience pain, as the muscles stretches during penetration. With the passage of time, this muscle weakens and makes sexual act more interesting. Don't be scared or worry about anything if you experience pain.

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