Adopt Advanced Oral Sex Tips For Creating Magical Movements

This article provides you advanced oral sex tips that will give her earth moving orgasm. With better techniques you can stimulate her and make her crave more for you. Make the best use of your soft tongue to reach deep into her vagina. Get your tongue into her vagina and move them in different variations. You can move it up and down or circular movements and enjoy hearing her moaning loud with excitement. Repeat this movement, until she is completely aroused.

Different Techniques for Advanced Oral Sex Tips:

  • Labial Lock - If you want to exhibit your sexual prowess to your partner, then labial lock is the best option. In this position, you need to hold her gently and reach out to her labia and then passionately run your tongue between the inner and outer labia. For better performance make one movement at a time.
  • Perform Tricks with your Tongue – the outer side of her vagina is as sensitive as her inner part is. You can easily excite her by stimulating this particular area. Insert your tongue on the outer side of the vaginal opening. Then you can move your tongue in and out, slowly at first. As the pressure builds up, you can do rigorous movements. To add more excitement, move it in circular movements. Look at her expression and intensify the movements.
  • Flick – Clitoris is one of the most sensitive movements and thus it is necessary to understand her anatomy. The more you stimulate her in this area, the more she will be excited. Then use your finger to widely spread her vaginal lips and take your tongue there and gently flick it. Try to bring in more variations and it can be combined with other erotic techniques as well. For many women clitoris stimulation is one of the best ways to reach orgasm.
  • Clitoral Suck – To begin with, warm your partner and ensure that she is charged enough for enjoying sexual performance. Once she is, you can make intensified movements that will add magic to this particular moment. For clitoral suck, you need to spread her vaginal lips and passionately explore her clitoris. Instead of kissing it, you can stimulate her by sucking it widely. Keep your teeth away or else you might hurt her. For wilder experience, you can begin the act slowly and gently.
  • Clitoris Hold – In this position, you can suck your partners exposed clitoris, gently. Also flick it with your tongue in circular and other movements. Start lightly and make rhythmic movements. Check her excitement and increase the speed by flickering. You can also increase the speed and her to reach orgasm.
  • Locate the Alphabet – this is one of the oldest, but satisfying techniques. Here insert your tongue inside her vagina and move in an alphabetical manner. In this way, your partner will move in all directions and tantalize her sensitive area.
  • Some other Tips – when your tongue is inside her, don't let your hands rest. Let it explore her other body parts as massaging her buttock, thighs, or other place. You can also make use of flavored lubricants.

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