5 Interesting Ways To Satisfy Her When You Are Done

It might have happened with you at one point in time that you reached orgasm, much before she did. In fact it is quite natural and there is nothing much you could to do to control it, especially when it comes too soon. No harm in accepting this fact, as she will surely not take you wrong. Don't forget that you have some manly responsibilities, which needs to be performed as well.

Ignoring them might be unhealthy for your relationship. Instead make an effort to satisfy her at and make her happy. If you are wondering how, then read this article to find out the ways.

Following Steps will help you to satisfy her:

  • Go Down There – More than half the percentage of women reaches orgasm through oral sex. Check with your partner what she prefers, as then you can easily help her in reaching the climax. At the beginning of the act, you can get down to the south and stimulate her clitoris gently. As the pressure begins to mount up, increase the speed and continue it for quite a while, until she is completely aroused. Then you enter your manhood into her vagina and start with the game. To add more pleasure to this game, you can try different positions, which will stimulate her vagina. In this way, you don't have to spend considerable time wondering what acts to do to satisfy her. Wisely use your fingers to massage her clitoris and excite her. She will surely not stop you from such performance. Spoon position is another way of massaging her clitoris.
  • Use the Prop – Some of you might have noticed that their penis continues to remain firm, even after they ejaculate. If you both are on the verge of enjoying double orgasm, then pause for half a minute, may to change your condom and directly enter into her. Don't take more time, as it will get her pace down, which mean you will have to work all over again. If you feel your erection is fading away or becoming loose, then take a break and try some other ways to excite both of you. This is a simple way, wherein you both will be able to enjoy the act for a longer time and enjoy reaching climax may be at the same time.
  • Make use of Vibrators – add glory to the game of lovemaking by using a good quality sex toy or vibrator. When you realize that your sensitive has become weak, then make use of toy. It gives you enough time to charge your instinct, without getting down her excitement as well. Choose for different positions and movements that will increase her excitement level.
  • Double Shots – Don't stop the act, once you are done. She will love to go for it the 2nd time as well. Until the time you get the urge to make love, keep playing with her sensitive body and talk to her. This will keep her memento high and quickly prepare her for the round 2.
  • Voyeur – You can enjoy spending time watching your partner helping herself to reach orgasm. This will let you know what her expectations are and how much efforts you need to put in for the act.

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