What Masters Of The Bedroom Need To Share With You?

If it's about your bedroom skills, and your performance, of course your experience does matter a lot. Things in the bedroom usually go more favorable for the experienced men, as compared to a fresher. However, it's not solely about experience, and it won't be wrong to say that a little guidance in this context may enlighten you with things that you can do to take your sex life to a new level. Besides, you may also come across the don'ts that you have been doing, all these years with her.

Different Place - Different Experience, Different Fun

Of the many factors that make your lovemaking sessions monotonous, dull, and boring, a primary one is repetition of the venue, and that is your bedroom. It won't be wrong to say that whenever you think of making love, you simply imagine doing things in your bedroom. People have always considered their bedroom as the best and most significantly as the only place to make love.

Undeniably, your bedroom is one of the most comfortable places to do those things. However, if you go for a change, you would realize how things can be more exciting, interesting, and of course spicy. Let it be anywhere, like your kitchen, bathroom, even in your car, or how about an unusual place, like on the top of your washing machine. It makes a big difference.

So What If It's a Public Place?

It's never a wrong time, to arouse her, to express what's on your mind, and to reveal your fantasies. No matter whether you both are in your home, in a park, any restaurant, or in any shopping mall, whenever you feel a little naughty you may whisper your fantasies to her.

It's better if she isn't expecting anything like that, all of a sudden. You can take advantage of the situation, and surprise her by expressing how she turns you on, make you feel wild, what you actually have planned to do with her tonight. Let the sexual tension build up, and let her go aroused and excited. Things would work on your favor, and possibly tonight you may come across her wildest side.

Being a Pleasing Doggy

Besides the missionary position, it's the doggy style that couples usually prefer, and find them-selves comfortable with it. Indeed, it's a good style-position, and it gives you all the chances to let your hands move all around her body parts, and let your tongue participate in the act. However, you can go wrong, and in-fact even hurt her, if you aren't doing it in a proper way.

As far as Doggy –style is concerned, and the angle with which your warrior goes inside her, it comes across most of the sensitive nerve-packed zones. Now that can make the act painful, if you are trying for deep and rapid thrusts. All she would get will be the pain, without any pleasure or fun.

You need to make it pleasing for her, so let it be slow and short. Let you hands move freely, and you may focus on her other body parts too, while doing it this way.

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