What It Takes For Having An Incredible Tantric Sex?

An obvious conclusive end to a sex session is with achieving multiple or quick orgasm, and you feel you have got what you wanted. However, many couples and s-experts, who have always wished to take the pleasure and experience of having sex to an extreme high intense level, have revealed a different approach to that, which is tantric sex.

No, you are getting it wrong it you have started thinking it to be yet another tag for the practice of trying new positions, sex accessories and all. Instead, it has a bigger perception to the sexual pleasure and it focuses on prolonging the act, so that there are more and more of sexual energy between you and your partner. As a matter of fact, it has well utilized the ancient practices of Tantra, which is based on sounds, movements, and breath, to activate one's sexual energy.

The Ambience

It's the basic pre-requisite for this intense practice, and it's all about creating a comfy, relaxing and playful area, so that you can completely focus on the tantric techniques. It would mainly comprise of two things, the first being freeing the space of the attention grabbers, and the second being populating it with all the calming items.

You need to remove everything from the surrounding that might disturb you in the course, anything and everything, be it your cell phone, other electronic devices or so. Finally, when the space is cleared, you need to bring in flowers, flower petals, scented oils, candles, more and more of pillows of right color etc. A soft romantic or sensual music, would then add up to the sensational essence of environ.

Positioning Yourselves – To Exchange Energy, Love and Breath

No matter whether you both have simply positioned yourselves in the room, or are engaged in some sexual act, there has to be a proper exchange of love and energy between you both. For that, you guys may prefer sitting on the ‘yab-yom position', or while having sex you may go for a position style where you can stare at and touch each other.

To get in tune with each other and to make each other realize your presence, you may try synchronizing your breath. While she exhales you need to inhale, and the vice versa. This is an effective technique that would soon make you both get into sync and a tune.

Alike is the significance of staring deep into each others' eyes. They say, your eyes can convey a lot more than what you can expect by wordily conversations. Indeed it is, and so you need to express your love through your eyes, and to gaze into her.

Preferable Style

Well it's said that the style position for having sex has to be one that would allow you both for an effective eye-conversation and synchronized breathing. Hence, for that you may prefer style positions like the missionary one with the lighter partner on top, or any other of those where you guys are comfortable with. Let the process go on slow and synchronized, let there be mutual exchange of love, and let there be a tantric experience to remember for long.

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